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Pre parent life

Pre parent life

You know when that sweet little memory pops up on your feed and you try to remember what your life was like way back when.

Two whole years ago we announced to the world that we were becoming a family of three. Little did I know how one extra member would make such a M A S S I V E difference in my life. I look back at my child free days fondly but not because I necessarily miss them. Sure, I miss mornings in bed, I miss actual, real life lie ins, I miss eating when I wanted and I absolutely miss just leaving the house with zero responsibility hanging on my hip. Buuuut, I wouldn’t change my life right now at all, not even a single bit.

I definitely took advantage of those free days though, I look back now and wonder what the heck I did with all of my spare time? And chuckle at the times I thought I was actually busy and having to rush around PAHA!

I don’t think I’ve ever thought and talked about poop and wee so much in my life.




Legit questions I’ve asked on more occasions than I care to admit. What a glamorous life is parents live where toilet habit conversations become apart of our daily routine.

Talking about toilet habits, oh those days where you could pee or poop by yourself. In peace. WITHOUT some staring eyes peeping around the door or an annoyingly adorable voice shouting MOM/DAD. Oh well. Now, that would be glorious. See, I don’t actually miss much of my life before becoming a mama other than the teeny tiny things that are easily replaced by the love of this crazy child I’m raising.

I still have a spreadsheet saved on my phone of what time Esmé had a bottle, if she poo’d or wee’d and if she was sick or not (please tell me others do that too?) I like to look back and be grateful for the little extra sleep I’m getting now compared to way back then.

It’s no secret that I’m broody 24/7 and would happily pop babies out (maybe not the popping out part but definitely the having a baby part) as often as I possibly could. However, I know that I need to take in every second of this time with my little E, the good and the bad. I want to be able to look back on this time just as fondly as I do pre parent time.

I’m for sure appreciating where my life is right now but I’m also excited for where this crazy rollercoaster ride will take us next.

Happy living in the moment babes ♡



My top alone time tips as a mama

My top alone time tips as a mama

I know, I know, you’ve probably read the title and are thinking, alone time as a mama? Does that even exist?

When I say alone time I don’t mean, a whole day or two to yourself. I mean maybe an evening when the kiddies have gone to their grandparents for the evening. Or even just when they have gone to bed. You know, that time when moms everywhere hope that is not a broken sleep night. And when that shuffle you heard upstairs is in fact just them having a dream not one stirring, about to wake up. We’ve all been there I’m sure.

Alone time even comes if you’re a lucky enough mama that your baby naps during the day. Even if it’s just an hour, that my friends is alone time and us parents have to take all of the alone time we can get. No matter how short. Alone time means me time and I’m not going to deny it. Sorry, not sorry.

I think as parents, every living minute we spend devoted to our children. Making the best, most happiest life we possibly can for them so every now and again, I feel like we have the right to be “selfish” and think about ourselves a little. Which actually isn’t selfish at all may I just add.

I do a lot of house chores when my little is awake, she enjoys helping me. So, I’m keeping her entertained, teaching her aaaand cleaning the house at the same time. Winner winner. Am I right or am I right? So, in my alone time I do things that make me happy because I sure as heck deserve it and so do YOU. I recommend giving this a try. I promise you won’t regret it. Take some time for you, no matter how small because you are important too.

Watching a favourite programme/movie of mine is one of my favourites. When do you ever get another chance to watch one uninterrupted? Never would be my answer so I take full advantage. There’s nothing quite like watching your fave movie with snacks you don’t have to share. AND without watching the same movie on repeat because your kiddie just can’t get enough of the movie trolls.

Paint my nails, fake tan, face mask. You catch my drift. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll know that I’m big into pampering. It’s so much better with some of your favourite music on, no crazy kids around and timeeeee. I know, I know. It’s hard to fit everything in but even if you do something different to pamper yourself each day you WILL for sure feel better about yourself.

N a p. Ohhh the holy grail of all choices. Some days, I forget everything else and just catch up on the all important z’s. There’s no shame in this for me and I enjoy every single minute. How do we expect to look after crazy little’s if we don’t properly look after ourselves?

Eat that gorgeously hot meal. How many times have you cooked yourself a meal and then had to shift your attention to your little? By the time you get back to your meal, it’s cold. And it just doesn’t taste the same once reheated. It’s no lie that I’m a MAHOOSIVE foodie so, food plays a massive part in my life. This is also one of my favourite things to do. (As you can tell, they are all my favourites because they are all as important as the other). Try it, you might just become a foodie too if you’re crazily not already.

So to all you child carers out there. Of course I’m not saying to put yourself above your child but definitely don’t put yourselves too far below. You work hard, crazy, long hours 24/7. No one can deny how hard it is and you deserve to do something/anything for you. Next time your lucky enough for your little to be sound asleep? Take some you time and don’t feel guilty. Your heart, mind and soul needs it, believe me.

Happy taking you time babes ♡



A letter to the struggling parent

A letter to the struggling parent

I’ve recently had a lot of discussions with different mamas that are finding this whole motherhood malarkey super hard and sometimes feel scared to open up about it. Sometimes as parents, we feel like if we say how much of a difficult day we’re having or that we’re struggling it makes us bad parents. Is that what you’ve been thinking? Well, I want to put a stop to that right now. This is to all parents, especially mamas, because we’ve ALL been there.

I like to keep things real. So, as much as I LOVE being a mom and feel like it’s my calling in life. I also have the worst of the worst days too. And if you’re sitting there thinking you’re alone, stop. Because you are most definitely not. I promise you that every parent in the world has had their days/weeks/months where they thought they were failing at this parenting business with plenty more to come. And that is absolutely normal.

Just last night I wanted to have a tantrum myself after little E woke up crying for the tenth time in the space of two hours. As much as I love being a parent, I know that bad days come and I don’t beat myself up about that. Children throw tantrums, it’s a given so prepare yourself for it and don’t ever beat yourself up about it.

Some home truths are, children cry, they get sick and are grumpy just like we would be, they sometimes don’t understand why they can’t throw themselves into the pond with the ducks, they absolutely don’t want to leave the park even though they’ve been there for hours already, and they don’t understand that what was their favourite meal is now something they refuse to even put near their mouth. Yes, they push our buttons. Buttons that we didn’t even know existed. But, let’s be honest, they pull on heart strings that we didn’t know were there either.

Being a parent is a choice you make every single day. To put someone else’s happiness ahead of your own. To teach the hard lessons that they are struggling to understand and to do the right thing even when you’re unsure of what that is. But most importantly, to forgive yourself over and over again for doing things “wrong”. Well, your idea of wrong anyway. Because as long as your kiddiewinks are happy (majority of the time), safe and loved then you are doing everything absolutely right.

You will never have this day with your little ones again. Tomorrow, they will be a little older than they were today. Today is a gift as is tomorrow and the next. Just breathe, take in every moment, study their faces and their character and their teeny feet. Pay attention and relish in the charms of this moment. Enjoy today, it will have passed by before you know it.

I know that sometimes when you’ve been stuck inside the same four walls with poo-namis and tantrums galore that it can feel like your world is so small with no escape. Let me just remind you, that you are the world. You are the only world that your little ones revolve around. You are their comfort, their safe place, their home. You are everything to them and I hope you remember even on the hardest of days, just how special you are. Especially to your little people.

Chin up babes, tomorrow is a new day ♡



My day in pictures…

Hiii everyone, hope you’re all having the best start to your week!

Every day is an adventure with my little E instead of describing it in words I thought I’d give you all a little insight of my day to say life. Days with a toddler can be hard, fun, tear jerking with stress and laughter. If you know me at all you’ll know that taking photographs is my most favourite thing to do, I love the memories that they capture so creating this story in photos has been SO fun.

This is the first face I see every day and it seriously is the cutest. I know I’m totally biased but just look at herrrrr. Esmé starts my day with singing and the most gorgeous smiles. Can you see why I always start my day with a smile? I mean come onnnn, all the heart eyes for her!

As if my mornings couldn’t get any better I get snuggles AND then literally attacked. Anyone else’s toddler think you’re a climbing frame?


First things first is take care of that morning face because let’s be honest, it’s never really that pretty. Skin care products are legit my favourite things ever, I’m a skin care product whore so if you have any recommendations, send them my wayyyy. Please.

Trying to get yourself socially acceptably presentable is hard with a toddler around. The easiest way is to let her do my make up with me, sometimes it gets messy and sometimes it’s just too dang cute watching her copy me.

Selfies are a part of mine and little E’s day every. single. day. With a cute face like hers can you blame me? Who’s with me?

While little E has her breakfast I clean and as you can see, we like to have a little sing and dance. Singing and dancing makes any chore feel like a more exciting one, I suggest you all give it a try.

Every day we go on a little adventure, Esmé loves it, I love it. It gives me a breather and gets us out of the same for walls so that we don’t go insane. I defffffinitelt recommend it.

When we get back from our walk we normally watch a Disney movie, Mary poppins is Esmé’s current fave, play and take selfies…. again!


You know when you run errands and your toddler falls asleep in the car just before you get home and just before nap time? Every piggin time. It happens so much so that I think I’m going to have mastered the changing her nappy and putting her to bed without her waking up. #momwin

Esmé naps, I chill out. I’m unfortunately not one of those mamas that does a gazillion chores while their baby naps. I do a few chores but then I take some me time too, we all need it and what better time than in the middle of the day to refresh and get through the rest of it? I don’t nap every single day but if my body needs it I definitely wheeze one in and I don’t even feel bad about it. It’s important that us mamas take care of ourselves too so I embrace it.

Esmé is absolutely adorable when she wakes up, her hair is crazaaaay. She loves food just like her mama and that’s what she wants as soon as wakes up. Definitely takes after me, sleep and then food. Priorities right?

I told you she’s a foodie. Is it just me that thinks toddlers with a chocolate covered face is the cutest thing ever? Until it gets on her clothes of course.

No wonder she needs all the food she eats because she literally bounces off the walls whenever she’s awake. She is super hyper all the time and forever wanting to do new things and explore. I love that she has such a hugeness personality and I hope she holds on to that forever.

Shock, food is involved again. I promise that we don’t just eat all day even though it looks that way. It is a very important part of our day though I won’t even deny it. I’m one of those kind of people that plans lunch while they’re eating breakfast. Not at all ashamed.

We always end our day with snuggles and story time and then BEDDDDD!! I practically jump up and down when it’s bed time. Life with a toddler is hard work, I am having the time of my life watching her learn and grow but it definitely comes with it’s hard points. That’s normal and it’s best to just take each day as it comes. Find something to smile about and to treasure the memories forever.



A night in the life of a sleep deprived mama

A night in the life of a sleep deprived mama

Hiiii everyone, hope you’re having the best start to your week!

Esmé has always been a good sleeper, she slept through the night at around four weeks old and it was A-MAZING! However, every once in a while she likes to throw a spanner in the works for a couple of weeks and makes me a complete mombie.

One night in particular I wrote a little diary of what was happening, something I could look back on fondly (jokes) and something I can show her when she’s older so she can appreciate how much I love her. I wouldn’t lose sleep for anyone else, fact.

It’s 22:44, I’ve been awake since 05:45am this morning, done a twelve hour shift and I. am. dying. Esmé has woke up three times already and I feel like I’m in for a LONG night! She wants snuggles and as much as I’m happy to give her as many as she wants… I neeeeeed sleep. Here’s hoping she settles, and soon. Fingers and toes crossed!

It’s 23:17 Esmé started moaning literally just a few minutes after putting her down and all I hear in the darkness of my bedroom is the (grumpy) hubs say “oh please shut up”. If that’s not top notch parenting then I don’t know what is folks, I’m sure it was said with love though, don’t panic.

It’s 23:27 and I’m in that stay in bed or get out, go check on her limbo where Esmé cries a little and then settles. We’ve all been there I’m sure. This limbo sucks. Just sleeeeep child!!

Esmé – 1 Mama – 0
It’s 23:42 and I’ve caved. I have a very sleepy toddler sprawled across me, if she’s so dang sleepy why won’t she sleep in her cot?!?!? I secretly love the unexpected cuddles but desperately want to resume my normal on the tummy, star fish sprawled sleep right now. Is it wishful thinking that hopefully she’ll be zonked soon and we can both resume into normal sleeping positions? Taking mombie to a whole new level right now.

00:48 and I’ve just put Esmé back in her cot whispered I love you through gritted teeth and gave her a kiss after being kicked in the tummy several times, I needed my bed back. I love her but boy is she pushing my grumpy, sleepy mama buttons tonight!

It’s 4:37 I thought we may have made it to a decent time until little E decided to cry “memmy memmy memmy” at the end of her bed, stretching her head around the ajar door trying to see if she could catch my attention. Kinda cute, kinda can’t even appreciate the cuteness through my half open eyes. I put some relaxing baby music on in hope that she’ll drift off into a deep sleep to the land of nod exactly where I want to be….

06:45 of course Esmé couldn’t possibly want a lie in this morning after very little sleep. Instead, she wants to play jump on mommy in bed. And so the day begins…

If you’ve had similar experiences to me, I’d recommend writing it in the journal how you’re feeling at that exact moment. I appreciate the nights she sleeps through so much more no when I read through nights like that. These kiddies like to keep us on our toes for sure, it’s a good job they’re cute and we love them eh.

Heres hoping the next sleepless nights are for a while yet and I hope all of your babies let you get a decent trip to the land of nod for the rest of the week (okay maybe just tonight because THAT is wishful thinking).



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My six top tips to get a…

My six top tips to get a…

…good nights sleep when you’re a mom ♡

Hiiii everyone, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

If you follow me on any of my social media sites you will know that I’m totally crushing on having pamper nights, I’m all for them (every night of the week would be preferable). After a pamper night I sleep like a baby, it’s the best! All mamas deserve a good nights sleep, if they can get one and they absolutely deserve a pamper night so now’s the time to give yourselves one, no excuses! You won’t regret it, promise. I know you must be desperate to hear of any tips to get a better night sleep, I always am. Sleep is an important part of my life (I’m grouchy as heck without it) so if it is for you to, read on 🙂

Tip number one: This is possibly the easiest step so no excuses for this one. Pick a night or go uber cool and be spontaneous! One night a week is my game and it’s usually a Saturday night because I’m such a party animal but if once every fortnight or once a month orrrr even more than once a week works best for you, go for it. Give the kids a treat if it’ll get them to stay in bed, let them watch a movie, get a babysitter, let them have a sleepover at their grandparents, whatever works. Just one, make sure you do it and two, make sure you have everything you need for that night and the results will be A flipping *.

Tip Number two: On the chosen night, run a nice hot, bubbly bath and set the mooood. By that I mean, light some candles, get some music playing. I’m a bit of a sucker for soppyness so love songs are my jam for this kind of situation, Boyce Avenue are pretty much my fave too orrrrrr some relaxing, spa music, a mix of all three and you’re on to a winner. Whatever suits you and you think will help you relax, get it playing. Turn the lights off and just have the glow of the candles in the room or dim the lights if you can, it really helps. (A little bit of light will be needed for my next tip).

Tip number three: Put down the damn phone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a phone addict as much as the next person but sometimes we need a second to breathe away from the rest of the world espesh social media. Put it in another room if it’ll be too much of a temptation. Have a book handy, probably one you’ve been wanting to read for yonks and haven’t made the time to. Now is the time my friend, close yourself off from the outside world and throw yourself into your book. My current read is ‘The unmumsy mum’ by Sarah Turner and I flipping love it. It’s got so much humour in it and as you all already know, I L O V E humour!! I have a few other books in the lineup for future pamper nights and I’m already excited about that, my life is clearly so hardcore ha ha.

Tip number four: Get a facemask on that luscious face of yours. I am a face mask whore, I LOVE them! Temple spa have a beaaaauutiful range and I absolutely recommend giving them a try, they always leave my skin feeling lush as heck! Oh and while you’re at it, stick a hair mask on too. Double whammy for the pampering, give me a yaya! Soft hair and smooth skin is a win-win to feeling good, when you feel good, you’ll sleep good. Plus, there’s something reaaaal relaxing about a face mask in the bath.

Tip number five: Once you’ve finished soaking in the bath and got yourself all dry, smother yourself in moisturiser, I do this every night because I’m a little bit obsessed but moisturised skin issss the bees knees. ESPECIALLY if you’ve just shaved. I always moisturise, and let it dry while brushing my teeth and doing my evening squats. Then walaaa, softy softy. Oh my. Ladies, you know. Soft hair, soft face, soft skin = a soft nights sleep, is that a thing? If not, it is now.

And finally, tip number six: Get some fresh (maybe even new if you’re a pj lover like me) Pjs on, fresh Bed linen and dive in. We all know how good it is to jump into a fresh new bed, it’s like heaven. So it’s no surprise that this will help you to get a good nights sleep. Now snuggle in, read a bit more of that book and shut those eyes, relax, play a little more music and off to snooze land you will go. Hopefully, all that relaxation will give you the good nights sleep you deserve.

Now, I know of course pamper nights are important if you’re a mom or not and these tips will help you regardless. As a mom we often forget about taking good care of ourselves, focusing solely on our babies which by no means is a bad thing. But sometimes we need that little bit of time for ourselves so make sure you make that time. Even if it’s just a quick rush through ten minutes before bed, do it. Don’t go to bed stressed, end your day right.

It is important to focus on yourself sometimes, even for a short time. Getting a good nights sleep is even more important to help us feel refreshed to be able to take on the next day. I know babies can wake us up in the night and that unavoidably affects our sleep BUT I do believe that if we’re relaxed enough, even an interrupted sleep can be better than if we’re not taking time for ourselves.

Remember, you’re not just a mom, you’re Maria, Lauren, Jade or whatever your name is. You are a person, you are your own person. You are you. And you absolutely deserve some y o u time. Enjoy it ♡