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Pre parent life

Pre parent life

You know when that sweet little memory pops up on your feed and you try to remember what your life was like way back when.

Two whole years ago we announced to the world that we were becoming a family of three. Little did I know how one extra member would make such a M A S S I V E difference in my life. I look back at my child free days fondly but not because I necessarily miss them. Sure, I miss mornings in bed, I miss actual, real life lie ins, I miss eating when I wanted and I absolutely miss just leaving the house with zero responsibility hanging on my hip. Buuuut, I wouldn’t change my life right now at all, not even a single bit.

I definitely took advantage of those free days though, I look back now and wonder what the heck I did with all of my spare time? And chuckle at the times I thought I was actually busy and having to rush around PAHA!

I don’t think I’ve ever thought and talked about poop and wee so much in my life.




Legit questions I’ve asked on more occasions than I care to admit. What a glamorous life is parents live where toilet habit conversations become apart of our daily routine.

Talking about toilet habits, oh those days where you could pee or poop by yourself. In peace. WITHOUT some staring eyes peeping around the door or an annoyingly adorable voice shouting MOM/DAD. Oh well. Now, that would be glorious. See, I don’t actually miss much of my life before becoming a mama other than the teeny tiny things that are easily replaced by the love of this crazy child I’m raising.

I still have a spreadsheet saved on my phone of what time Esmé had a bottle, if she poo’d or wee’d and if she was sick or not (please tell me others do that too?) I like to look back and be grateful for the little extra sleep I’m getting now compared to way back then.

It’s no secret that I’m broody 24/7 and would happily pop babies out (maybe not the popping out part but definitely the having a baby part) as often as I possibly could. However, I know that I need to take in every second of this time with my little E, the good and the bad. I want to be able to look back on this time just as fondly as I do pre parent time.

I’m for sure appreciating where my life is right now but I’m also excited for where this crazy rollercoaster ride will take us next.

Happy living in the moment babes ♡




hope-and-cookiesHiiiii everyone 🙋Happy weekend all!

I’ve been very #blessed and had the opportunity to spend the weekend with my side of the family and celebrate the upcoming birth of my FIRST ever niece! I have 12 nephews so I am ridiculously excited to meet the second little girl to come into our family.

My side of the family live two and a half hours away, when I met Chris who is a Yorkshire man through and through, we chose to live in the promised land. Resulting in me living a good drive away from my family. The first six months of marriage I was ridiculously home sick. Me and my sisters are quite close so it was a huge shock to the system to not have that support system so close anymore.

And since having my little E, it’s a struggle to visit regularly, busy lives and all that jazz. It makes my heart ache that Esmé can’t grow up around all her other cousins as she doesn’t have any up here. Good job I have AMAZING friends though is all I’m saying. (The in laws are pretty top notch too)!

There’s nothing quite like being around your own family though. I try and take in all the loudness and craziness because in comparison our house is SUPER quiet! This weekend got me to thinking all the times I took my family for granted. The silly arguments with sisters. The stuuuupid fallouts with parents. It really comes into perspective as you get older to make the most of the time I have with the crazies I get to call family.

So, say sorry a little faster. Hug them a little tighter. Love them that little bit more. Make the very most of the family you have because they are the very few people that will love you and you will love them for eternity, no matter what. H

Families are like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one ♡

Alphabet dating ♡

Wonderlass Stock Photo 2.jpg

Hiiiii guys 🙋

I couldn’t be more happy that it’s the weekend! The weeks are going faster as I know I keep on saying but it’s made me reflect on certain aspects of my life which are probably lacking my attention.

All parentals out there will know that children take up 99.9% of your attention (100% most days) and it can be hard to have time for yourself let alone have time for you and your significant other to have some down time.

Before Esmé was but a twinkle in our eyes we tried the whole alphabet dating malarkey and LOVED it but then got too busy to keep it up BUT, this year I am determined to get to letter Z!

Okay, so those of you that are unaware, alphabet dating is going on a date for each letter of the alphabet for example A: Animal hunting, that sounds like such a silly example but it’s the first thing that came to mind and going to the zoo can count as that one. It’s fun to get as creative as you possibly can! Last time Abba and a curry house was definitely involved in our date, infact I think food was involved with a lot of our alphabet dates.. We are total foodies! It was SO much fun! And that’s what life should be, F U N.

I’ll share our little alphabet journey as it goes on with you all and hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to do a post on A-Z ideas! I think too often once we get married we thing we’ve already captured our significant others attention and don’t try hard enough to keep that spark. So, is it too late to add another resolution? Ah heck. I’m adding it anyway! If you don’t have a significant other but do have children, involve them too! It’s such a fun way to get creative and do activities that you wouldn’t necessarily normally come up with!

Any ideas for the letter A? Share them below!

Happy dating ♡