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It is a tradition for most to set New Years resolutions as a new year comes around (rather quickly might I add). I like to be as positive as I can all year round however, 2017 was a tough year for me and my family so I was very excited to see the back of it. I’m taking this new year, 2018 as a fresh start. 12 new chapters, 365 opportunities for exciting new adventures. Life is to be lived and I am SO beyond ready to live more than I have ever lived before.

These two people are my absolute world. I’m sure every day I take the power of my love for them for granted. My first goal of 2018 is to no longer take advantage of the blessings I have in my daily life. Starting with my little family even if they do drive me around the bend sometimes (nearly always).

If you’ve been following my journey into motherhood you will know that Esmé is quite the daredevil and from now on I plan to follow in her footsteps. As I have said, life is for living. I plan on doing just that and so much more. Adventure is there to be had and boy do I want it. I want to travel more, I want to explore nature more, I want to see so much more of the world. This is one goal that I hope I achieve LOTS of. What a beautiful world we live in which means lots of beautiful adventures to be had.

I have so many goals that I want to achieve this year, I could have you here all day reading them BUT I am excited to just show you my life over the next year. My life that will be full of adventures and excitement and so. much. fun. Follow me on Instagram @ohthatstacey to follow my journey more closely.
The new year gives everyone a fresh start. If you haven’t set yourself some goals why don’t you give it a try, a way to figure out what you want to have from your life within the next year. A plan, a check list, a hope of how joyful your next year will be. And that is what I wish for you all, the most joyful year yet.

Happy goal setting loves.


Christmas marketing

Christmas marketing

If there’s anything that can get you into the Christmas spirit it’s for sure a Christmas market, I LOVE them! And luckily, here up north we have plenty to keep us Christmas lovers happy!

We went to one in our home town Halifax for the first time ever and I loved it. They had Christmas music playing, hot chocolate on repeat and lots of lovely little stalls. They kept the shops around it open till late so you could to a tad of Christmas shopping too.

It was lit up with loads of lights and Christmas trees, it really was so pretty. Freeeezing cold but absolutely worth it, you just have to wrap up which adds to the experience of it all!

Esmé was loving life getting to run around and dance to the music, in her cute Pom Pom hate. Anything that is family friendly is definitely a winner in my eyes.

It was so pretty, we had to have a obligatory family picture in front of the GINORMOUS Christmas tree with Esmé pinned down in her push chair, she was on top form of running away that night so it was necessary for this photo. Also, does anyone else get slightly jealous and want to be wrapped up in a blanket, pushed around pretty places? Yeah? Me too! These kiddos get it pretty good!

I was in my absolute element, purchase theeee cutest Christmas bath bomb for myself. Smells delicious, looks amazing AND is Christmassy, what’s not to love, right? I recommend getting yourself one for the many pamper nights you should be giving yourself this December, you deserve it! Treat yo’ self.

Esmé clearly wasn’t enjoying the shopping as much as me though…. There’s still time. She’ll come to love it I’m sure. Fun fact: Esmé absolutely LOVES shoe shopping. If you put a pair of shoes on her in the shop, you better know that you’re buying them before you can get them off her feet. Girls got taste, what else can I say? Haha.

See? As soon as we’re out of the “boring” soap shop, she’s back to her crazy, jumpy, laughing self. Can’t knock her for it because just look at her, she’s the happiest little thing with ridiculous amounts of energy!

Another fun fact: I ALWAYS cut the hubs head out of photos. Not because there’s anything wrong with it (haha), but because I can’t get my poor arm long enough to snap him in. It’s like an on going joke in our family….

Hence the second photo, mid laughter. I managed it though! If only you knew how much of an achievement that was for me.

Get yourself out to a Christmas market. If you’re not feeling in the spirit yet, you definitely will do after that, I promise. Get some hot choc down you, dance to some Christmas songs and you’ll be set. Evenings like this with the people I love most just cannot be beaten.

Happy Christmas marketing loves.



Christmas gift idea for a little girl

Christmas gift idea for a little girl

Sometimes, thinking of gifts to get for a little girl can be super hard. Especially, if it’s not your own. Do you get a really noisy toy and watch the parents cringe in horror? (Possibly my favourite), orrr just try and find the parent friendly toy? Well, fear no more. A bow subscription is the way forward my friends.

Olivia’s bow club – check them out on Instagram, offer a monthly subscription where you get a box of bows each month. And oh my, they do not disappoint. They are based in the U.S, shopping to the UK was amazingly quick. Winner, right?!

This is our first months and oh my goodness, I am duingggg at the cuteness. Esmé clearly agrees because she couldn’t keep her little hands off them. This was a Christmas themed box which is PERFECT because I’m so excited for her to wear one on Christmas Day.

She was just the perfect little model, even with her bed hair she looks cute. How is that fair?! Don’t the bows look even more cuter on? I can’t even deal with the cuteness.

For the subscription, you get three (adorable may I add) bows alllll for $12.99, bargain, right? You get to choose between clip and headband AND there is even an option to add for a pigtail set which is epic. Pigtails are my absolute favourite and having clips for that is adorable and perfect for every little girl. The website is super easy to follow which is always a winner.

I have a lovely little code for all you lovely people to get your first box for $4 (plus shipping), if you’re one for a bargain like any one, ever than get yourself to @oliviasbowclub on Instagram or check out the website and enter “GIVEMEBOWS” at checkout. You are welcome.

Make a little girls (and girls mom) Christmas this year and get them a bow subscription, first box coming January! It will be the gift that just keeps on giving!

Happy bow shopping loves.



Christmas nights as a family

Christmas nights as a family

My favourite part of Christmas is all the family getting together and remembering the importance of family. Every week, we’re going to try and dedicate our Monday evenings to family. This is something we’ve been trying to do for a while but have sucked at it. The Christmas season makes it thaaaat much easier.

So, for our first night, we went all out on the fun factor. Lip sync battle with lots of yummy food. Winner!

We went shopping for the yummy treats to get for the evening, Esmé even helped pick!

We may or may not have picked up a few Christmas pieces too because, if you can go in to the shop at Christmas and not buy anything then teach me your ways! I’m a sucker for all things Christmas. Not even sorry though.

I made us a little score board, on team girls was me and Esmé and on team boys was Christopher. A little unfair in numbers terms but really Esmé only counts as half a person and Christopher is taller so counts as one and a half? Alls fair.

A few snapshots of the many videos. If you don’t laugh on a daily basis at yourself and with others than are you really living life to the fullest? I love that I can be my crazy little self with my family, and they can be crazy too. Crazy is fun! We did our lip sync battles to Christmas songs too, let the other team pick the song for some unexpected excitement and put a Christmas spin on it too.

It wouldn’t be complete without yummy snacks. Got in our favourite cheese and the yummiest of desserts. After all the dancing and lip syncing was done, we tucked into the treats and watched a Christmas movie. And put the videos onto Instagram for y’all to vote who the winner was.

Snuggled up on the couch, little E went to bed, popped grinch on and waited for the verdict to be out. It was a REALLY close call but it was a win for team boys!

Next time, it’ll be team girls for sure. We just need to up our game! Being able to let your hair down once a week, put away the virtual world and just focus on what is most important feels SO good. Family is most important after all and I’m a little, teeny bit excited for what fun nights we’ll have planned for the Monday evenings in the future.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a family evening?

Happy family night planning loves.



Christmas partyin’

Christmas partyin’

Do you know what my favourite part of the Christmas season is? P a r t i e s with all of your favourite people. You really can’t beat it. Christmas music making people bust out in the funkiest of dance moves, excitement for the big day, Christmas games helping everyone remember their inner child and how could I forget the gooooorgeous Christmas food (in endless amounts). Pair all that with the best company and it really is just the perfect time.

And something even better about Christmas parties is having a little child to dress up. I mean, allllll the heart eyes, right?

I can’t even cope with the cuteness and was absolutely 100% tempted to get a matching elf outfit for me. No such luck folks, I had to miss out.

She is clearly as excited as me for Christmas. Who isn’t though let’s be honest? The cutest elf I ever did see.

Oh and of course, it wouldn’t be a Christmas party without the big man himself making a special appearance. Esmé still isn’t exactly a fan, not quite sure she’s got the whole be nice to Santa get more presents idea down yet (haha I’m joking of course).

She wouldn’t get any closer to him without crying, maybe it’s the beard? We’ll go with that. She clung on to “gran grans” for dear life. BUT, was more than willing to take the present that he was offering, that’s my girl! Let’s hope Santa got her letter so that he knows what she wants for Christmas since she wouldn’t sit on his knee!

And here she is, opening her first present of the Christmas season. She couldn’t tear into it fast enough, which is just one of the many reasons why I CANNOT wait for Christmas, she’s a little older this year, will be able to open her presents herself and I just can’t wait to see her little, excited face.

And the good thing about selection boxes for her? I get to eat all the chocolate that she can’t. Winner winner chocolate dinner!

What’s your favourite thing about the Christmas season? Or is that an impossible question to answer because every part of it is the freakin best?!

Happy Christmas partyin’ loves, put on those elves costumes in honour of me and rock them bad boys!



Fill your nights with Christmas

Fill your nights with Christmas

Now that the weather is chillier by A LOT. It’s not exactly ideal to go for a walk in the pitch black like in the good old summer days. BUT, there are even more fun events that take place that can get you even more into the Christmas spirit.

A little place in Halifax that has landed just for the Christmas season made our evening so lovely AAAAND kid friendly, winner! It’s a gorgeous tipi decorated with Christmas lights and trees all around it with a cosy fire inside to keep it lovely and warm.

So, we treated ourselves to a luscious hot chocolate with all the trimmings of course, it would be rude not to. With a gorgeous pork and stuffing pie which was literally the icing on the cake. It was so lovely, cosy and Christmas music was playing which kept Esmé entertained with dancing. Entertainment for us and fun for her, really can’t go wrong with that!

Then we had a lovely walk around outside to end the evening, hot chocolate to keep us warm and the company of family, it really was such a lovely night.

If there’s a #hyggetipi near you, I would absolutely recommend going to check it out. A lovely few hours out, nothing too extravagant and getting into the Christmas spirit, just can’t beat it really.

What’s your favourite thing to do at this time of year?

Happy Christmas celebrating loves.