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It definitely lived up to its expectations. What a time to be alive!

I think I’ve already made it pretty clear in previous posts how much I L O V E this time of year and Halloween is just one of the many reasons! Dressing up as a fam bam was prettyyyy 👌img_7990

Pretty easy to guess who we dressed up as… The Flinstones. Now, this wasn’t our original plan so this one was kind of last minute. I think we did pretty well considering! I would love to say I made these costumes but I totally didn’t 🙈 Esmé’s is actually a romper from a gorgeous shop on Instagram @turtledovelondon … go and check them out, they’re one of our insta faves and fill Esmé’s wardrobe up quite nicely! Considering it isn’t actually a costume it fits in super well and the colour is just lush!

Mine and Christopher’s costumes are just off Amazon and were actually pretty good quality, I was impressed! And with super fast delivery it was a win win!

We got hit with the dreaded sickness bug/food poisoning over Halloween weekend but that didn’t stop us from partying our little socks off!


Such Halloween lushness!!! Majority of this is from gorgeous insta shops, obviously it’s too late to get them for this year but next year you have all these possibilities aaand they sell absolutely gorgeous products all year round! Go check them out!

Halloween print: @freddiethekid

Ghost pendant: @thebear_and_thebird

Hallo garland: @ginger_spice_all_things_nice

Feathers: @featherandbird

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween as much as we enjoyed ours at The Baldwins! I’d love to hear all the different Halloween ideas you all came up with so please share (I’m gonna need some more ideas for next year)!

Heres just a few snaps of my cutie patootie on her first Halloween.. cue the heart eyes!!