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Mama life comforts

Mama life comforts

Any mama would know (if you’re anything like me) that comfort in outfits is the go to choice. Unfortunately it’s not yet socially acceptable to go everywhere in your pjs, and some days you REALLY don’t fancy putting on those skinny jeans that show off every inch of your mommy pouch (whyyyyy oh why is that a thing) and quite frankly just can’t be bothered to iron that damn top that get’s ridiculously screwed up after washing it. I’d rather grab a snack then spend my time ironing, priorities right? Especially when I have 0.000002 seconds spare with how clingy little E has gotten with me the past month or so. Any other toddler mamas in my boat?

Anyway, I’m going off track. Finding clothes that tick the box of comfort and suitable enough to leave the house can be hard to come by sometimes. UNTIL you find an awesome brand that take comfort and style to a whole new level. Too good to be true you say? Think again because I am about to enlighten you my friend, you’re welcome.

Kobi & Roo, legit sell the comfiest clothes, maybe even ever. Yep, I’m going there. I found them on good old insta but you can check out their epic range here >>>>

They are based in the UK and are run by theeeee loveliest mama going. It doesn’t just stop there. They sell children’s clothes AND accessories for the home. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER, am I right?

You can stick them on with some joggers to laze about in (my fave) orrrr you can style them with whatever you fancy and show them off to the world. I always get lots of compliments when I’m wearing mine. There are lots of different styles to fit everyone and I know they are becoming quite the popular brand so jump on that bandwagon and join us cool mamas in the land of comfort. You can thank me later.

This post is not sponsored and is based soley on my opinion because Kobi&Roo just kick ass. Plain and simple.








For 10% discount on Kobi&Roo products use code STACEY10 at checkout. Happy shopping ♡