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Christmas gift idea for a little girl

Christmas gift idea for a little girl

Sometimes, thinking of gifts to get for a little girl can be super hard. Especially, if it’s not your own. Do you get a really noisy toy and watch the parents cringe in horror? (Possibly my favourite), orrr just try and find the parent friendly toy? Well, fear no more. A bow subscription is the way forward my friends.

Olivia’s bow club – check them out on Instagram, offer a monthly subscription where you get a box of bows each month. And oh my, they do not disappoint. They are based in the U.S, shopping to the UK was amazingly quick. Winner, right?!

This is our first months and oh my goodness, I am duingggg at the cuteness. Esmé clearly agrees because she couldn’t keep her little hands off them. This was a Christmas themed box which is PERFECT because I’m so excited for her to wear one on Christmas Day.

She was just the perfect little model, even with her bed hair she looks cute. How is that fair?! Don’t the bows look even more cuter on? I can’t even deal with the cuteness.

For the subscription, you get three (adorable may I add) bows alllll for $12.99, bargain, right? You get to choose between clip and headband AND there is even an option to add for a pigtail set which is epic. Pigtails are my absolute favourite and having clips for that is adorable and perfect for every little girl. The website is super easy to follow which is always a winner.

I have a lovely little code for all you lovely people to get your first box for $4 (plus shipping), if you’re one for a bargain like any one, ever than get yourself to @oliviasbowclub on Instagram or check out the website and enter “GIVEMEBOWS” at checkout. You are welcome.

Make a little girls (and girls mom) Christmas this year and get them a bow subscription, first box coming January! It will be the gift that just keeps on giving!

Happy bow shopping loves.



What’s in my bag toddler style

What’s in my bag toddler style

Keeping my bag organised has become a top priority because majority of the time, my mischevious little toddler gives me 0.0001 second to get whatever she needs before an almighty meltdown. I’m grateful that she’s super head strong but my goodness (insert eye roll emoji here). So of course, I need to grab what I need in that moment. Especially wipes because little E thinks it’s just the best to wipe her snot, chocolate covered, sticky fingers all over you if you don’t wipe them quick enough. Mom life is just oh so glamorous.

So of course, my first and most important item in my bag is a packet of wipes and the much needed nappies. Poo nami’s are real and apparently never ending. Nappies and wipes are needed on tap until the potty training days come around. I don’t have a particular brand that I like most, I just go with whatever is easiest to grab at the time. As long as there’s enough in stock, it’s a win.


Second most important is toys, unfortunately I don’t yet own a Mary poppins bag so I just grab little E’s favourite of that day (it changes all the dang time) and off we go. Whatever can keep her entertained in the most embarrassingly melt down places. She’s a sucker for teddy bears, gives them snuggles AND they get her to sleep too. Winning. There will alllllways be room for that in this little o’ bag of mine. Esmé’s favourite toy of the day today is Bing, aaaand boy is she obsessed with this one today and almost every day. Any other toddler bing lovers out there?


My biggest epic mom fail of the year has been forgetting wipes in my bag. Oh boy, it’s never a good day when that happens. I just have to pray that no poo nami’s come my way. Snotty noses? These cute little packet of tissues will get me through. I’m a sucker for cute little tissues so thank you Selfridges, these were definitely a winner. Two packets for a £1 too! Cute and a bargain, double winner!


Once your toddler is on the run (literally) be prepared for those grazed knees. My heart broke the first time it happened to my poor little munchkin. I unfortunately can’t wrap her in bubble wrap,as much as I would love to somedays. All I can do is prepare for when they come with the cutest little plasters, thanks again selfridges and with lots of kisses and cuddles of course. Kinda got these for me too, you know, just incase. Not gonna lie.


Mints. Mints protect the world. Against bad breath. Either to protect the world from yours orrrr to protect your nostrils from anyone else’s. Bad breath affects some of the people around us and mints are in place to help us all live through it. And in a cute box like this? How can you resist. Thank you again selfridges for curing the bad breath disease with your incredibly cute mints.


Dummies dummies dummies. I neither hate them nor love them but I never leave without one because some days my little just cannot survive without one at nap time. Quite literally a life saver sometimes, a staple in my handbag for sure.


A few other bits and bobs I always have on hand in my little old bag. Items I simply cannot do without on a day to day basis and you shouldn’t either. A roller to get away all that pesky fluff that sticks to some trousers, annoying right? Forever 21 has your back with this little cutie. Hand cream that is seasonal? And just so happens to be from my favourite season. Can I hear you say W I I n n N n E e r R !! And spray to keep me smelling fresh as a daisy because you can never have too much of that am I right?


What do you have stored in your handbag as a mama? If I’m missing anything, help a mama out and give me a shout. What can’t you live without?



No hair? No problem

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Do I wear a wig? Is that why I have hair in all my photos and then blog about no hair. Not quite.

Babies however, takes a while for those hairs to come through. I’ve always dreamed of having a little girl, sitting and braiding her hair while she sits their still (PAHA how utterly naive of me), giggling and talking about life with me. Esmé is a little too young to do that with me just yet BUT I do kind of, deep breath, love trying different hairstyles with her. Now, getting her to sit still is a challenge in itself but with the right distraction, she enjoys it as much as me. I love these bonding moments, times that I will treasure, where it’s just me and her.

Little E has short, wispy hair so hairstyles that don’t fall out in seconds has been kind of difficult to invent. But, I’ve finally mastered a few! I am all for two cute little piggy tails but I like to mix things up every now and again and now I know I can, if you like to do that too then this one is for you. Us mamas/dadas (I’ll be seriously impressed if you’re a dad) need to stick together. So, you’re welcome in advance 😉

Attempting to keep an 18month old mischievous toddler still for long enough to even pop a clip in is an achievement. So, achieveng any longer than that, honestly makes me deserve a medal. Prepare your face to look a little like mine here, a long with constantly singing or talking about any distraction and throw a few gritted teeth in there and you’re on the right track.


Yes, of course my dear child you can have a drink for the ONE MILLIONTH time. You must be SO thirsty, my bad. (enter eye rolling emoji here).


Hairstyle number one —

I’m going to call this one the pony bun, that’s quite literally what it is. Sounds odd but is actually super cute. Probably wouldn’t work on yours or my hair however, just throwing that out there.

Split the hair into two sections, top and bottom and pop them into two ponys.


Twist the top pony around until you meet the second pony and then twist them together so it looks a little like below.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Finally, twist it around into a teeny, tiny little bun so that it looks like below.


I know, I know, I’m a genius. You can thank me later because I’ve got a few other cute hairstyles to show you yet. (am I blowing my own trumpet enough to keep you reading?)

Hairstyle number two —

The pony plait, a popular hairstyle that is just too cute. Even though Esmé doesn’t have an awful lot of hair, this still manages to work and is really quick and easy which is what every parent needs, right?


Pop their hair into a pony tail, then braid the hair as normal. Pop a band in to secure at the end and there you go. The cutest pony braid you ever did see, am I right or am I right? It’s okay, I know I’m right. (smirky face emoji insertion here).



Hairstyle number three —

A little twist (literally) on the previous hairstyle. Just twist (told you) the braid around the top bobble and secure it with a band, now you have a plait bun. Super easy, super cute and super simple. W i n n e r.


Hairstyle number four —

I am yet to think of a name for this one, it is a hairstyle I randomly stumbled upon with my own creativity. If you can think of a name, throw one my way. I kind of want to do this one on myself which makes me excited because TWINNING IS WINNING.

Start by separating the hair into two sections, left and right. Twist the two sections outwards to inwards and bring the two ends together as shown in the photo below.


Pop a band in to secure it, so it seems like a loose pony with a gap in between the two sections.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Pull the bottom of the pony tail over and through the gap, as shown below.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Pull it all the way through so that it looks like a pony again with a small gap in the middle.


Pull the pony tight at the bottom so that the gap is no longer there and there you go you hairstyle genius. A cute hairstyle with very minimal effort and if you love twinning as much as me, give it a go. We should be friends.

Bows, bows, bows, they make any hairstyle even cuter on little girls. A clip bow or a hairband bow, you name it, little E has a very big, ever growing collection. My favourite, go to shop is @willow_and_ivy they have the cutest collection of bows to fill your hearts bow desire and the price is pretty heart throbbingly good too. For 15% off use code stacey15 at checkout, you’re welcome and happy shopping.

Now, tidy up the mess that was made which, if anything like Esmé means you’ve got a treasure hunt to find all those tiny bobbles she’s chucked everywhere. Those pesky things get everywhere. And you drink that hot drink while it’s still drinkable and not completely cold. Because, for getting through a toddler hair styling sesh you deserve it.



Happy hair stylin, hot drink drinkin, bow buying babes.



How to stretch your toddlers wardrobe

How to stretch your toddlers wardrobe

Let’s talk about clothes baby,

Let’s talk about brand and fee,

Let’s talk about all the good things,

And all the cuteness that may be.

(Bonus points if you can guess what song that sounds like).

Clothes, clothes, clothes. Buying new ones has always been an addiction of mine and that addiction D O U B L E D  when little E came along. Including the price tag too. Sometimes the clothes could be more pricey than something I’ve bought for myself, how is that even possible when it’s a fraction of the fabric? Fear not, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on their clothes when they just out grow them within a month. Because that is super annoying right?

Quite a few people comment on little E’s clothes and that she always looks stylish and adorable (totes blowing my own trumpet there). I obviously think she always looks on point adorable but you know you’re not just biased when others comment on it too. So, I am here to tell you one of my top secrets to Esmé’s wardrobe (not really a secret but makes it sound even more interesting haha).

B l o o m e r s — these have literally become my best friend. Esmé has about six pairs and I’d have her in them every single day if I could. They are perfect for an all year round fit, bare legs and sandals for summer, tights and boots for winter. They are stretchy so can be worn lose or a little bit tighter, meaning they get a longer wear out of them which is a win win for us parents, right?

Throw a few different style tops in to the occasion and you are on to a winner. One pair of bloomers could be used in three-four different outfit combos, it’s a given that these are a staple in little E’s wardrobe. They looked adorable when she was little and she still rocks them now.

Ive previously purchased mine from mama’s and papas, which WAS the only place I could find any until I stumbled upon the world of insta. Now, my bloomer dreams have come true. Any colour, frills, bows, you name it, it can be found. All hand made by some pretty amazing super moms. Alllll hail those moms because they make my life a whole lot easier!

I’ll list a few of my favourites just in case you want to jump on the bloomer band wagon. I absolutely recommend it, you won’t look back I promise.

@floral_threads — this one may just be my absolute favourite, I have a few different colours from here and the quality is just spot on (and the price). Check them out on  Instagram, you won’t be disappointed. — another very close, top favourite. A unique twist with lots of different fabrics for you to chose from. With gorgeously themed bloomers for all celebrations, christmas, Easter, special occasions etc. I promise you won’t regret having a peek, PLUS, the price tag is even more reasonably priced. WINNER.

@freya_lillie_ — ahhh I cannot decide my top favourite because they are all SO good! Absolutely gorgeous quality, so durable which is one you need for crazy toddlers let be honest. Again, reasonably priced with others gorgeous clothes like romoers. Which are also a massive staple in little E’s wardrobe. Check them out, you’ll thank me later.

I could go on forever but I’ve given you a fair few, amaaaazing options there. I love finding new shops that sell bloomers so any recommendations? Leave them in a comment below.


This is not a sponsored blog post. It is based solely on my opinion and is unbiased.



My top three go to mama hairstyles

All mamas out there will know that on most days we don’t get chance to spend very long on our hair. I L O V E trying out different hairstyles and it’s even better if I get them done in limited time. That is definitely a mom win!

I have three hairstyles that are my favourites. I try to mix things up a lot and try all different ones but these are easy, quick, and practical. If I can save five/ten minutes on my hair and still feel good then we’re on to a winner!

Hairstyle one: All hail the mighty mom bun. I think this one is probably a well known one for all mamas out there.


Super easy, quick and definitely practical. You know when babies get into that hair grabbing stage? This is the bomb digity hairstyle for that my friends. Up and out of the way. Looks great with minimal effort, yes please!

I tie my hair in a pony, bring my two for fingers on my left hand to in front of the pony and wrap the tail over. Twist my hair around and pull my fingers out while holding with my other hand still. Then I fold it onto my head and mess it around a little bit. Secure it with a bobble and then I bobby pin in different places until I get the affect that I want. Pictures for a demonstration of the twist steps are below.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetYou really cannot go wrong with this one, pin your bangs back into a fringe, curl some bits and leave them out, style your bangs in and straighten them. Literally can mix it up anyway you want. Mom buns are life. Easy life.

Hairstyle two: (this may require overnight action).

I LOVE this hairstyle because you can mix it up so it looks different but is actually exactly the same. Too good to be true, right? Fear not ladies. Introducing, the some up pony? Some up some down?  Not actually entirely sure what this one is called but we’ll roll with it!

With this hairstyle you can change it up which is why I like it so much. You can have your hair curly, poker straight orrrr beach babe waves. The one that takes the least time is the beach waves, just pop your hair in French plaits the night before.

This one is suuuuper easy. You literally just grab the top section of your hair so that it is even around your whole head, making a pony with the top part of your hair and pop it into a hair tie. I like the pony to be quite high up on my head as you can see in the photos above. I then mess the top section of my hair up a tiny bit to give it a little volume.

In the top right photo I have taken a small section of the hair from the pony and wrapped it around the hair tie so that you can’t see it and just bobby pinned it in place. That’s again, just a different spin on the hairstyle. This one also has the hair out of your face a little so if you have hair pulling babies this one is also a good one, if you don’t fancy the mom bun.

Hairstyle three: (this requires overnight action)

Pop your hair into French braids the night before. As you’ve probably noticed, this is one of my favourite things to do because all I have to do in the morning is take the hair ties out, poof my hair about and ta daaa, ready for the day. Except, with this one you just add a couple of braids in the morning and it’s like a whole new look! Winnerrrrr! I’m all for easiness here.

Grab a section of hair from each side of your face, it can be as small or as big of a section as you’d like. Depending on how chunky you want your plaits to be. Plait both sections and wrap them around the back of your head so that the sections end on the opposite side of where they were plaited, pin them into place.

I like to open the plaits up a little bit and mess with the top bit of my hair to give it a bit of a natural, messy look. But this is totally variable so can be done exactly how you like it.

Sometimes I do a fishtail braid as well which looks super affective, super easy and I always get lots of compliments on it. Can’t go wrong with that really.

We’ve got to make this mom life a bit easier on ourselves. I love trying out new hairstyles so if you have any good recommendations leave them below and I’ll give them a try.

I hope this makes your crazy hair days a little more easier to manage with a little hanging off your leg! Remember my loves, you deserve some you time and to feel good about yourself too. ♡



Five tricks to a successful pampering with a toddler

Five tricks to a successful pampering with a toddler

We all deserve a good pamper from time to time and sometimes it can be so difficult with a toddler or two hanging on to our legs. Oh and the dreaded throwing a massive wobbly in the middle of the salon. Not something we would look forward to and probably something we would put off.

I’m a firm believer of learned behaviour. This is solely just my opinion and something that I’ve learnt works quite well with Esmé. If I don’t take my little to the salon with me ever, she’s never going to learn how to behave in one. However, if she comes with me and misbehaves I can handle the situation so that she knows that behaviour is unacceptable in that situation. Hence, she will eventually (hopefully) learn that it’s only a short while and if she’s good, mamas happy which means TREATS.

Now, believe me, I know this isn’t always that simple BUT I’ve realised that just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be able to treat and take good care of myself. After a little while of taking little E with me, I’ve learnt some tricks of the trade that might be of some use to a mama that deserves a pamper but is dreading the outcome. Do it. Get yourself booked in and do what you need to do to feel good about yourself. I promise you won’t regret it.

Tip one: take snacks, I always prepare ridiculous amounts so that little E has a selection. If she turns her nose up at one which is very likely, she has a few others to chose from. I take a naughty treat like chocolate too just in case you need to be a “slummy” mummy and give them chocolate to shut the heck up. Orrrrr as a treat if the whole thing goes good!

Tip two: take their favourite, least noisiest toys. Little E loves teddies and dolls so I always make sure they’re on hand when ever we make a trip to the salon so that she has something to keep her company. More often than not it only lasts a few minutes but still, a few quiet minutes is a lifetime compared to a meltdown in what’s supposed to be a relaxing environment.

Tip three: Take an empty bottle of a beauty product you would use at home. Pop it on the side and when they’re on the brink of a meltdown hand them the bottle as if it’s from the salon. This is a new one that we’ve recently tried and little E looooves it. She thinks that she’s getting something special from this unusual place we’re in and it’s not something she’d normally have a chance to play with. Win win!

Tip four: don’t stress. If they throw a wobbly who cares? Honestly, nobody will. Everyone knows what it’s like to have children and how unpredictable they can be so fear not. Get out, get pampered and enjoy it. You deserve it babes.

Tip five: worst case scenario, have the baby tv app or baby game downloaded and ready on your phone. This has saved my mama ass a few times I’m not going to lie. It’s amazing what an orange blob counting to ten with different animals and shapes bouncing around can do to a toddler on the brink of a meltdown (roll eyes emoji).

So now, you have no excuse. If you give these a go I hope they work as well for you as they do for me. And if not, just throw a massive tantrum yourself and see what happens. I dare you.