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Fill your nights with Christmas

Fill your nights with Christmas

Now that the weather is chillier by A LOT. It’s not exactly ideal to go for a walk in the pitch black like in the good old summer days. BUT, there are even more fun events that take place that can get you even more into the Christmas spirit.

A little place in Halifax that has landed just for the Christmas season made our evening so lovely AAAAND kid friendly, winner! It’s a gorgeous tipi decorated with Christmas lights and trees all around it with a cosy fire inside to keep it lovely and warm.

So, we treated ourselves to a luscious hot chocolate with all the trimmings of course, it would be rude not to. With a gorgeous pork and stuffing pie which was literally the icing on the cake. It was so lovely, cosy and Christmas music was playing which kept Esmé entertained with dancing. Entertainment for us and fun for her, really can’t go wrong with that!

Then we had a lovely walk around outside to end the evening, hot chocolate to keep us warm and the company of family, it really was such a lovely night.

If there’s a #hyggetipi near you, I would absolutely recommend going to check it out. A lovely few hours out, nothing too extravagant and getting into the Christmas spirit, just can’t beat it really.

What’s your favourite thing to do at this time of year?

Happy Christmas celebrating loves.



Christmas bakin’

Christmas bakin’

December is here.. like, freakin finally! It’s the best time of year, party season, indulgence month, giving time and the happiest days are to be had right now. I’ve always thought Christmas was the most magical time of year, little did I know that when you become a mom, it becomes that little (a lot) more magical.

Spending a day baking with my favourite little is always at the top of my favourite things to do list. And now, adding Christmas into the mix with that, what could be better?

This is all you need, well that, and Christmas music, a few cake pans and some crazy dance moves then my friends, you are on to a winner.

Cake ingredients:

225g self raising flour

225g unsalted butter

225g caster sugar

2 eggs

And some caramac chocolate buttons for good measure.

I put my little “please don’t make too much mess” head away and out on my “let’s go crazy” head. Which meant little E had free game in this little baking session. She LOVED IT! And so did I, of course.

She definitely made a lot of mess BUT it was easily cleanable and actually only took ten minutes to clean up. Sometimes, I feel like I may have hesitated so that things didn’t get too messy or she didn’t get mud all over her too that was my favourite or whatever, you catch my drift. I’ve realised recently that she’s just a child, she’s going to get food down her, she’s going to get dirt in her fingernails while playing, she’s entitled to make mess because that’s how they learn. And, teaching them to help clean up is all part of the lesson folks.

She helped with all steps of the process, from adding the chocolate buttons to greasing the cake tin. It’s amazing that allowing her to do the tiniest of things makes her happy. She’s such a big girl and it really is a bitter sweet moment making these memories with her. Why do they grow so fast? Blah blah blah, that’s a whole other blog post for sure.

I even let her taste the cake mix, what kind of childhood would it be if you’ve not been able to do that? She didn’t enjoy it anyway, but still. Memories!

I’ll admit, I had to give a helping hand with the cutting the cake because my OCD side came out. I didn’t want the gingerbread men to have broken arms, legs or heads! Besides, teaching them to take a little help every now and again is good for them right?

And here, are the finishing products. They actually taste delicious if I do say so myself. The Christmas music was blasting, we had a dance session while the cakes cooking and ta daaaaa, what a perfect start to the Christmas season. That coupled with a nap and Christmas movies in pjs, it really is a winner. I should definitely make this a tradition.


Mix sugar and butter together until made into a smooth consistency.

Mix in the eggs until all mixed in evenly then sift in the flower until all mixed into a smooth mix. Throw in the caramac buttons and spread into the cake tins, I just did this free hand and it worked out well. Cook for 10-15 minutes on 180 and that, my friends is as easy as that. Quick, easy and delicious.

Happy Christmas baking loves.



Christmas preppin’

Christmas preppin’

Now it’s nearly the 1st December, it is socially acceptable to start properly discussing Christmas!! I’ve been talking about it a LOT over the past month or so and I have no shame, it is my absolute favourite time of year and I know I’m not alone in that one.

As a family, we’ve taken a day each year to make our own little tradition, we spend the day together, pick our Christmas tree because there’s just something super special about having a real Christmas tree (not to mention the luscious smell), and do things all Christmassy together. Like dance to Christmas music while decorating the tree, watching a Christmas movie together and digging into those well earned chocs after all the hard work decorating.

We don’t get to spend very many days together with Christopher working we only really get weekends, and then sometimes life just gets crazy. So it’s reaaaal nice to just “pause” life for the day and just have fun and get giddy about the month ahead!

Esmé is a right little daddy’s girl but I really don’t mind because they are just too cute and the bond they have is alllll the heart eyes for sure! It is absolutely freakin’ freezing but we didn’t even care because there was hundreds of trees to choose from and I was desperate to grab any one, run out of there and get our home all christmasyfied (new word haha).

I chose a GINORMOUS Christmas tree but got told by the boss (husband Scrooge) that we couldn’t have that one BOOOO, one day guys, one day!

I did get to pick a semi big one, which actually turns out probably is a little toooo big for our house but ahh what the heck, it makes the house look pretty AND super Christmassy which you just can’t beat. Good job I have this hench, handsome man on my side to hulk it around though right? He comes in useful for something haha.

Then, it’s operation quick clean and manoeuvre the furniture to fit a big bottomed tree in while the hubs does is top job at popping the lights on (legit the worst job ever). I have a paddy just trying to untangle the lights so let’s just say he does a better job at it than me! He caught me papping him and did a little moony…. I’ll keep the pictures PG though.

And then I sit back and smile at how great life is, how much I’m SO excited for Christmas but also excited to spend it with this little family of mine. Fun fact: the Santa please stop here was actually a forced purchase as Esmé decided to throw it on the floor, mid tantrum and it broke (nothing a bit of super glue can’t fix), oh the joys of kids. Let’s hope Santa ignores all her previous tantrums and takes note of this sign though right?

So here’s to the first day of Christmas tomorrow, and here’s to traditions that make my heart happy. How blessed I am to have all that I do and this gorgeous little family to love life with.

Happy Christmas feels loves.



Little girls hair tutorial

Little girls hair tutorial


It’s always been my dream to have a little girl of my own who I can play princess dress up with, plait hair and endless amounts of bows. And now my friends, I am living that dream. Little E has such thin hair and only recently have I been able to cute hairstyles with it, somehow it looks even cuter on her teeny head, all the heart eyes guys!

I am by no means a hair expert but I have managed to master some cute hairstyles and thought I’d share them with all my girlie mamas out there. So clink the link below and let me know what you think 🙂

I have some more hair tutorials up my sleeves and I am super excited to share them with you all. Hope you enjoy!

Happy hair stylin’ babes.



Put those hard working feet up

Put those hard working feet up

The last few months have just been super crazy busy and I feel like I’ve forever been playing catch up. Now that Christmas is fast approaching (eeeeek), my to do list is growing longer and longer. I am currently sitting on the sofa, with my feet up having a Netflix marathon. Should I be cracking on with my never ending to do list? You bet! Am I going to? Nope, not right now anyway because I am going to enjoy this tiny moment of peace.

How often do you get a moment to yourself and not think about doing some laundry/washing the dishes/tidying toys/doing the shopping/doing work? Probably not very often, am I right? Well, my friends, now is the time to nip that in the bud.

The last few weeks on mostly a daily basis I have taken time for myself. Even if it’s fifteen minutes to just browse through Instagram guilt free. Or watch that trashy tv programme while eating my fave chocolate bar. I’ve made sure that I’ve made myself a priority at some point during the day. I have never felt so refreshed. Of course, my to do list is still the same size if not still growing. BUT, I feel more ready to take it on once I’ve had a “rest”.

You know when you’ve been super sleep deprived and then had a nap? Afterwards, you feel like a complete God. Well, taking some time to yourself on the daily can be like a mental nap. Just like we need Sleep to feel rejuvenated, we also need to relax and switch off to feel rejuvenated too.

So, my challenge to you is rest those little feet and that little (ginormous) brain of yours. Indulge in some “you” time once a day and I absolutely PROMISE that you will see the benefits.

Heres to looking after ourselves because if we don’t, who else will!

Happy Monday loves.