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If there’s anything that can get you into the Christmas spirit it’s for sure a Christmas market, I LOVE them! And luckily, here up north we have plenty to keep us Christmas lovers happy!

We went to one in our home town Halifax for the first time ever and I loved it. They had Christmas music playing, hot chocolate on repeat and lots of lovely little stalls. They kept the shops around it open till late so you could to a tad of Christmas shopping too.

It was lit up with loads of lights and Christmas trees, it really was so pretty. Freeeezing cold but absolutely worth it, you just have to wrap up which adds to the experience of it all!

Esmé was loving life getting to run around and dance to the music, in her cute Pom Pom hate. Anything that is family friendly is definitely a winner in my eyes.

It was so pretty, we had to have a obligatory family picture in front of the GINORMOUS Christmas tree with Esmé pinned down in her push chair, she was on top form of running away that night so it was necessary for this photo. Also, does anyone else get slightly jealous and want to be wrapped up in a blanket, pushed around pretty places? Yeah? Me too! These kiddos get it pretty good!

I was in my absolute element, purchase theeee cutest Christmas bath bomb for myself. Smells delicious, looks amazing AND is Christmassy, what’s not to love, right? I recommend getting yourself one for the many pamper nights you should be giving yourself this December, you deserve it! Treat yo’ self.

Esmé clearly wasn’t enjoying the shopping as much as me though…. There’s still time. She’ll come to love it I’m sure. Fun fact: Esmé absolutely LOVES shoe shopping. If you put a pair of shoes on her in the shop, you better know that you’re buying them before you can get them off her feet. Girls got taste, what else can I say? Haha.

See? As soon as we’re out of the “boring” soap shop, she’s back to her crazy, jumpy, laughing self. Can’t knock her for it because just look at her, she’s the happiest little thing with ridiculous amounts of energy!

Another fun fact: I ALWAYS cut the hubs head out of photos. Not because there’s anything wrong with it (haha), but because I can’t get my poor arm long enough to snap him in. It’s like an on going joke in our family….

Hence the second photo, mid laughter. I managed it though! If only you knew how much of an achievement that was for me.

Get yourself out to a Christmas market. If you’re not feeling in the spirit yet, you definitely will do after that, I promise. Get some hot choc down you, dance to some Christmas songs and you’ll be set. Evenings like this with the people I love most just cannot be beaten.

Happy Christmas marketing loves.



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