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Sometimes, thinking of gifts to get for a little girl can be super hard. Especially, if it’s not your own. Do you get a really noisy toy and watch the parents cringe in horror? (Possibly my favourite), orrr just try and find the parent friendly toy? Well, fear no more. A bow subscription is the way forward my friends.

Olivia’s bow club – check them out on Instagram, offer a monthly subscription where you get a box of bows each month. And oh my, they do not disappoint. They are based in the U.S, shopping to the UK was amazingly quick. Winner, right?!

This is our first months and oh my goodness, I am duingggg at the cuteness. Esmé clearly agrees because she couldn’t keep her little hands off them. This was a Christmas themed box which is PERFECT because I’m so excited for her to wear one on Christmas Day.

She was just the perfect little model, even with her bed hair she looks cute. How is that fair?! Don’t the bows look even more cuter on? I can’t even deal with the cuteness.

For the subscription, you get three (adorable may I add) bows alllll for $12.99, bargain, right? You get to choose between clip and headband AND there is even an option to add for a pigtail set which is epic. Pigtails are my absolute favourite and having clips for that is adorable and perfect for every little girl. The website is super easy to follow which is always a winner.

I have a lovely little code for all you lovely people to get your first box for $4 (plus shipping), if you’re one for a bargain like any one, ever than get yourself to @oliviasbowclub on Instagram or check out the website and enter “GIVEMEBOWS” at checkout. You are welcome.

Make a little girls (and girls mom) Christmas this year and get them a bow subscription, first box coming January! It will be the gift that just keeps on giving!

Happy bow shopping loves.



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