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My favourite part of Christmas is all the family getting together and remembering the importance of family. Every week, we’re going to try and dedicate our Monday evenings to family. This is something we’ve been trying to do for a while but have sucked at it. The Christmas season makes it thaaaat much easier.

So, for our first night, we went all out on the fun factor. Lip sync battle with lots of yummy food. Winner!

We went shopping for the yummy treats to get for the evening, Esmé even helped pick!

We may or may not have picked up a few Christmas pieces too because, if you can go in to the shop at Christmas and not buy anything then teach me your ways! I’m a sucker for all things Christmas. Not even sorry though.

I made us a little score board, on team girls was me and Esmé and on team boys was Christopher. A little unfair in numbers terms but really Esmé only counts as half a person and Christopher is taller so counts as one and a half? Alls fair.

A few snapshots of the many videos. If you don’t laugh on a daily basis at yourself and with others than are you really living life to the fullest? I love that I can be my crazy little self with my family, and they can be crazy too. Crazy is fun! We did our lip sync battles to Christmas songs too, let the other team pick the song for some unexpected excitement and put a Christmas spin on it too.

It wouldn’t be complete without yummy snacks. Got in our favourite cheese and the yummiest of desserts. After all the dancing and lip syncing was done, we tucked into the treats and watched a Christmas movie. And put the videos onto Instagram for y’all to vote who the winner was.

Snuggled up on the couch, little E went to bed, popped grinch on and waited for the verdict to be out. It was a REALLY close call but it was a win for team boys!

Next time, it’ll be team girls for sure. We just need to up our game! Being able to let your hair down once a week, put away the virtual world and just focus on what is most important feels SO good. Family is most important after all and I’m a little, teeny bit excited for what fun nights we’ll have planned for the Monday evenings in the future.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a family evening?

Happy family night planning loves.



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