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Do you know what my favourite part of the Christmas season is? P a r t i e s with all of your favourite people. You really can’t beat it. Christmas music making people bust out in the funkiest of dance moves, excitement for the big day, Christmas games helping everyone remember their inner child and how could I forget the gooooorgeous Christmas food (in endless amounts). Pair all that with the best company and it really is just the perfect time.

And something even better about Christmas parties is having a little child to dress up. I mean, allllll the heart eyes, right?

I can’t even cope with the cuteness and was absolutely 100% tempted to get a matching elf outfit for me. No such luck folks, I had to miss out.

She is clearly as excited as me for Christmas. Who isn’t though let’s be honest? The cutest elf I ever did see.

Oh and of course, it wouldn’t be a Christmas party without the big man himself making a special appearance. Esmé still isn’t exactly a fan, not quite sure she’s got the whole be nice to Santa get more presents idea down yet (haha I’m joking of course).

She wouldn’t get any closer to him without crying, maybe it’s the beard? We’ll go with that. She clung on to “gran grans” for dear life. BUT, was more than willing to take the present that he was offering, that’s my girl! Let’s hope Santa got her letter so that he knows what she wants for Christmas since she wouldn’t sit on his knee!

And here she is, opening her first present of the Christmas season. She couldn’t tear into it fast enough, which is just one of the many reasons why I CANNOT wait for Christmas, she’s a little older this year, will be able to open her presents herself and I just can’t wait to see her little, excited face.

And the good thing about selection boxes for her? I get to eat all the chocolate that she can’t. Winner winner chocolate dinner!

What’s your favourite thing about the Christmas season? Or is that an impossible question to answer because every part of it is the freakin best?!

Happy Christmas partyin’ loves, put on those elves costumes in honour of me and rock them bad boys!



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