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Now that the weather is chillier by A LOT. It’s not exactly ideal to go for a walk in the pitch black like in the good old summer days. BUT, there are even more fun events that take place that can get you even more into the Christmas spirit.

A little place in Halifax that has landed just for the Christmas season made our evening so lovely AAAAND kid friendly, winner! It’s a gorgeous tipi decorated with Christmas lights and trees all around it with a cosy fire inside to keep it lovely and warm.

So, we treated ourselves to a luscious hot chocolate with all the trimmings of course, it would be rude not to. With a gorgeous pork and stuffing pie which was literally the icing on the cake. It was so lovely, cosy and Christmas music was playing which kept Esmé entertained with dancing. Entertainment for us and fun for her, really can’t go wrong with that!

Then we had a lovely walk around outside to end the evening, hot chocolate to keep us warm and the company of family, it really was such a lovely night.

If there’s a #hyggetipi near you, I would absolutely recommend going to check it out. A lovely few hours out, nothing too extravagant and getting into the Christmas spirit, just can’t beat it really.

What’s your favourite thing to do at this time of year?

Happy Christmas celebrating loves.



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