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Now it’s nearly the 1st December, it is socially acceptable to start properly discussing Christmas!! I’ve been talking about it a LOT over the past month or so and I have no shame, it is my absolute favourite time of year and I know I’m not alone in that one.

As a family, we’ve taken a day each year to make our own little tradition, we spend the day together, pick our Christmas tree because there’s just something super special about having a real Christmas tree (not to mention the luscious smell), and do things all Christmassy together. Like dance to Christmas music while decorating the tree, watching a Christmas movie together and digging into those well earned chocs after all the hard work decorating.

We don’t get to spend very many days together with Christopher working we only really get weekends, and then sometimes life just gets crazy. So it’s reaaaal nice to just “pause” life for the day and just have fun and get giddy about the month ahead!

Esmé is a right little daddy’s girl but I really don’t mind because they are just too cute and the bond they have is alllll the heart eyes for sure! It is absolutely freakin’ freezing but we didn’t even care because there was hundreds of trees to choose from and I was desperate to grab any one, run out of there and get our home all christmasyfied (new word haha).

I chose a GINORMOUS Christmas tree but got told by the boss (husband Scrooge) that we couldn’t have that one BOOOO, one day guys, one day!

I did get to pick a semi big one, which actually turns out probably is a little toooo big for our house but ahh what the heck, it makes the house look pretty AND super Christmassy which you just can’t beat. Good job I have this hench, handsome man on my side to hulk it around though right? He comes in useful for something haha.

Then, it’s operation quick clean and manoeuvre the furniture to fit a big bottomed tree in while the hubs does is top job at popping the lights on (legit the worst job ever). I have a paddy just trying to untangle the lights so let’s just say he does a better job at it than me! He caught me papping him and did a little moony…. I’ll keep the pictures PG though.

And then I sit back and smile at how great life is, how much I’m SO excited for Christmas but also excited to spend it with this little family of mine. Fun fact: the Santa please stop here was actually a forced purchase as Esmé decided to throw it on the floor, mid tantrum and it broke (nothing a bit of super glue can’t fix), oh the joys of kids. Let’s hope Santa ignores all her previous tantrums and takes note of this sign though right?

So here’s to the first day of Christmas tomorrow, and here’s to traditions that make my heart happy. How blessed I am to have all that I do and this gorgeous little family to love life with.

Happy Christmas feels loves.



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