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The last few months have just been super crazy busy and I feel like I’ve forever been playing catch up. Now that Christmas is fast approaching (eeeeek), my to do list is growing longer and longer. I am currently sitting on the sofa, with my feet up having a Netflix marathon. Should I be cracking on with my never ending to do list? You bet! Am I going to? Nope, not right now anyway because I am going to enjoy this tiny moment of peace.

How often do you get a moment to yourself and not think about doing some laundry/washing the dishes/tidying toys/doing the shopping/doing work? Probably not very often, am I right? Well, my friends, now is the time to nip that in the bud.

The last few weeks on mostly a daily basis I have taken time for myself. Even if it’s fifteen minutes to just browse through Instagram guilt free. Or watch that trashy tv programme while eating my fave chocolate bar. I’ve made sure that I’ve made myself a priority at some point during the day. I have never felt so refreshed. Of course, my to do list is still the same size if not still growing. BUT, I feel more ready to take it on once I’ve had a “rest”.

You know when you’ve been super sleep deprived and then had a nap? Afterwards, you feel like a complete God. Well, taking some time to yourself on the daily can be like a mental nap. Just like we need Sleep to feel rejuvenated, we also need to relax and switch off to feel rejuvenated too.

So, my challenge to you is rest those little feet and that little (ginormous) brain of yours. Indulge in some “you” time once a day and I absolutely PROMISE that you will see the benefits.

Heres to looking after ourselves because if we don’t, who else will!

Happy Monday loves.



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