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Don’t do it!! Haha, just kidding. Although, it can feel like that majority of the time. I vowed I wouldn’t let being a mom change anything though. If I wanted to paint all the walls in my house, white than dang it, I would. I’m crazy, right? Right. Even so, I’m still steam rolling ahead with the decorating every room at the same time to try and get it all finished as time pleasing as possible. I have lots of other things to be cracking on with like being a mom (which takes up ALL of our time, doesn’t it?!).

So, I’m no expert at decorating and definitely no expert at being a mom for that matter but, I’ve recently entered the world of decorating with a toddler on your hands and boyyyy, is it a crazy world. So, first off, be prepared for the late nights (major yawning going on right now). If you’re a pro DIYer like me than HEY (insert waving hand emoji here). I actually quite enjoy doing it myself. Or should I say, used to. It’s become quite difficult as of late because of a mischevious toddler, who loves nothing more than sticking her hands on wet walls…… enough said. 

So, my first bit of advice is to palm the kiddie winks off on to family. You will get SO much more done, I promise you. Family love to see them, you get to get the job done and walaaa happy days. Although, you can’t just chuck your kids to the family for a few weeks (or months in my case) so this would only be a short term problem solver, but still a problem solver none the less. Gotta take it where you can get it.

If the family scenario fails, the best possible advice I can give is to absolutely wait until they’re napping or gone to bed for the night. If your toddler is anything like mine, they’ll wait until you set up to start painting during nap time, and just as the paint brush is about to touch the wall….. They’ll decide they want to nap no more. And then it leaves the painting to when they’re in bed, where you feel like you have to be suuuuper quiet as you daren’t wake the sleeping dragon (toddler). And let’s be honest, you’re pretty tired yourself and all you want to do is indulge in all things calorific and pop your feet up to watch trash TV, am I right or am I right? You’re going to have to sacrifice those relaxing evenings while you’ve got a bit of DIY to do I’m afraid, it’ll be worth it when it’s complete though.

If all else fails and you really can’t tear yourself from your slobby evenings (I get it, they rock!), than you could do it in toddler behaving snippets. Toddler behaving? What is that? I hear you say. Ha, no, I’m kidding. I know they behave sometimes/very very very rarely. But let’s say, you’re having a good day than bounce on that opportunity and get yourself to work. Stick on a Disney movie (alllll hail Walt Disney), give them their favourite picnic food, let them do some colouring orrrrr painting for themselves if you’re feeling uber brave. Prepare for complete mess if you’re leaving them unsupervised for longer than a minute though, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you have any tips as to how to entertain the little ones affectively, so that DIY can take place in a sufficient time frame than hit me up. Us parentals have gotta stick together, right?! There should be a decorating crèche where parents can drop their crazies off to get some decorating done. Why is that not a thing yet? I’m on to a millionaire idea here, for sure!

Happy DIYing folks.



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