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With a toddler in your life, productive days can become a thing of the past. A few months after little E was born, I tried not to spend my days spent in pyjamas, as easy as that is. I knew for my own sanity that I needed to get up and out so I did just that.

As months passed by, I came up with routines to make days easier and make sure that I came up with ways to become more productive. I love pj days as much as the next person and implement them into my weeks as much as possible but now, with a crazy, mischevious toddler on my hands I have to be on my toes and save my pj slob hours for when she naps or goes to bed. I’m sure I’m not alone on that one.

On the Sunday evening before the beginning of the week I like to search to see if there’s any activities little E might enjoy during that week. There’s a lovely little activity every now and again in our local park where they have a little picnic, story time and toys for the little ones to play with. It’s one of EsmΓ©’s favourites. She loves a good story book and any new toys she can get her hands on, even for a short while. You should see if there’s one in your area, there is more often than not a group on Facebook that advertises them if you search for one. I promise you’re little one will love it and will make at least one day in a week, more entertaining and more bearable for you and your child(ren).

I often keep to a schedule on how to keep on top of things. For example, every Monday I go to the farm shop and do the weekly shop. I never have to panic that we don’t have enough bread or enough snacks because I stock up every Monday morning. Saves me a lot of stress and keeps this MASSIVE foodie satisfied, winner! I wash the bed sheets for all the beds every Tuesday, make sure they’re dry and get them ironed ready to put back on to the bed for a cosy nights sleep. Tuesday night’s have quickly become my favourite nights because freshly laundered bed covers are just perfection. Am I right or am I right? I never have to worry that I’m going to get behind because I have a set day to do it. I can put them in the wash as soon as I wake up, hang them up to dry and go out for the day if need be. Organisation really is key when you’re a mama.

Every Friday I’ll have a “face mask Friday”, it’s a little me time and that is SO important. This can really help with the productivity problem. If we’re not taking care of ourselves are we going to want to be productive? I know I don’t. We should remember that we are important too and I always stress that even though we’re a mom, we’re a person too who also needs taking care of. Remember that if nothing else.

I make sure I get out and see family/friends at least once a week. Save your sanity by not being stuck in the same four walls with no adult communication. A good catch up (especially if food is involved), where you can laugh and be yourself is good for the soul. It helps even more when those friends have children so they can all play together while you put your feet up and have a natter. Mom and child are happy. Absolute winner in my eyes.

The most important point to ALWAYS remember is to not be so hard on yourself. If you’re having an unproductive day, still in your pjs at 2pm, no idea what you’re cooking for tea, rocking the messy mom bun then OWN it. We alllll have those days. Anyone that says they don’t, are just lying. We had days before we had children where we wouldn’t want to do anything and that’s no different now we’ve got smaller versions of ourselves running around. Take a day off being an adult. Be a sloth for the day, whatever it takes just take a breather. You’ll be so much more prepared to take on the next day. Parenting is hard. Do what you gotta do to get through it.

Happy future productive days babes.




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