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Keeping my bag organised has become a top priority because majority of the time, my mischevious little toddler gives me 0.0001 second to get whatever she needs before an almighty meltdown. I’m grateful that she’s super head strong but my goodness (insert eye roll emoji here). So of course, I need to grab what I need in that moment. Especially wipes because little E thinks it’s just the best to wipe her snot, chocolate covered, sticky fingers all over you if you don’t wipe them quick enough. Mom life is just oh so glamorous.

So of course, my first and most important item in my bag is a packet of wipes and the much needed nappies. Poo nami’s are real and apparently never ending. Nappies and wipes are needed on tap until the potty training days come around. I don’t have a particular brand that I like most, I just go with whatever is easiest to grab at the time. As long as there’s enough in stock, it’s a win.


Second most important is toys, unfortunately I don’t yet own a Mary poppins bag so I just grab little E’s favourite of that day (it changes all the dang time) and off we go. Whatever can keep her entertained in the most embarrassingly melt down places. She’s a sucker for teddy bears, gives them snuggles AND they get her to sleep too. Winning. There will alllllways be room for that in this little o’ bag of mine. Esmé’s favourite toy of the day today is Bing, aaaand boy is she obsessed with this one today and almost every day. Any other toddler bing lovers out there?


My biggest epic mom fail of the year has been forgetting wipes in my bag. Oh boy, it’s never a good day when that happens. I just have to pray that no poo nami’s come my way. Snotty noses? These cute little packet of tissues will get me through. I’m a sucker for cute little tissues so thank you Selfridges, these were definitely a winner. Two packets for a £1 too! Cute and a bargain, double winner!


Once your toddler is on the run (literally) be prepared for those grazed knees. My heart broke the first time it happened to my poor little munchkin. I unfortunately can’t wrap her in bubble wrap,as much as I would love to somedays. All I can do is prepare for when they come with the cutest little plasters, thanks again selfridges and with lots of kisses and cuddles of course. Kinda got these for me too, you know, just incase. Not gonna lie.


Mints. Mints protect the world. Against bad breath. Either to protect the world from yours orrrr to protect your nostrils from anyone else’s. Bad breath affects some of the people around us and mints are in place to help us all live through it. And in a cute box like this? How can you resist. Thank you again selfridges for curing the bad breath disease with your incredibly cute mints.


Dummies dummies dummies. I neither hate them nor love them but I never leave without one because some days my little just cannot survive without one at nap time. Quite literally a life saver sometimes, a staple in my handbag for sure.


A few other bits and bobs I always have on hand in my little old bag. Items I simply cannot do without on a day to day basis and you shouldn’t either. A roller to get away all that pesky fluff that sticks to some trousers, annoying right? Forever 21 has your back with this little cutie. Hand cream that is seasonal? And just so happens to be from my favourite season. Can I hear you say W I I n n N n E e r R !! And spray to keep me smelling fresh as a daisy because you can never have too much of that am I right?


What do you have stored in your handbag as a mama? If I’m missing anything, help a mama out and give me a shout. What can’t you live without?



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