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The dreaded flu/snot season has arrived. I love fall and all that comes with it EXCEPT snot infested days. Now, I know with a toddler, most days have some snot here and there but autumn/winter takes those snot days to a whole new level of snotness. If we were playing snot bingo right now, someone would have totally won and it’s only the first paragraph, stay with me. I can offer sanity in those snot filled days.

Your child gets sick, the whole household gets sick and then you get sick. Unless you’re extremely lucky and have an epic immune system, it’s a given. Prepare for it. The hardest thing in the world is not being able to lounge around all day when you’re poorly sick. With a crazy, mischievous toddler on your hands I have to laugh out loud if you think that’s going to happen. How do we survive? Fear not my little friendlings I have a little advice that has helped me and may just help you too.

Stock up on that good little thing we call medicine, flu tablets are a god send when we are under the weather, hot lemon water, vapour rub, tissues, tissues and more tissues. If they’re in stock, there’s no worries about it being socially acceptable going to the shop in your pjs with your hair like a pineapple to grab some, dribbling your germs along with you as you go. Stay in the comfort of your own home. Win win.

Now, of course as a parent when we’re sick our little world doesn’t just pause, we still have all our chores to do and crazy children to keep us on our tippy toes to control. Get those colouring books out, with tons of pictures, stickers, crayons, old magazines, glue sticks, let them go wilddddd. Just sit back, and relax. Watch them learn and enjoy their time all by themselves, it does them AND you a world of good.

Have disney films ready for on repeat. Don’t even be ashamed of this one. Disney films are AMAZING, kids love them, we love them, keeping them entertained for an hour and a half? Run with it. Even if you’ve watched it a thousand times this week already, if it makes them happy then you can be happy. Let’s be honest, who’s not happy when Disney is involved?

Get creative with minimum effort. Children are SO easy to please. They may not want to play with the ten bags of toys you have for them buuuut, dry pasta and rice in bottles? Oh now that can keep them entertained longer than should be real. Let them pour the rice or pasta into bottles it containers and watch them turn into a child rock band. It may not help that headache of yours but it’ll definitely help with the whole, put your feet up and get some rest thing that needs to be going on.

Books, books, books e v e r y w h e r e. Spread them all over the room and watch them go to town with taking to themselves, pointing at the pictures, maybe even pile them all on top of each other to knock them over. Even if your throat hurts or you’re losing your voice, you don’t have to talk, just get them looking through the pictures. I promise you it’ll keep them entertained, even if it’s just for a little while. Every little helps.

And once you’ve made it through the day, because you will no matter how long it feels.. Get that much needed pamper you deserve AND an early night. Need some ideas? Look at some of my previous blog posts on how to achieve the perfect pamper night at home. As parents we sometimes forget that we’re only human too, we need rest and pampering as much as the next person. Take care of yourself, your tomorrow you will thank you for it.

Happy battling the snotty days babes.



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