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These days, a lie in for me is getting to stay in bed until 07:32 instead of 07:30. Over the past six months or so, I have learnt a few tricks of the trade to get to spend even longer in bed. Winner! I only have one little munchkin but I’m sure these tricks could possibly work as more come along, I’m willing to give it a try anyway.

Not only is sleep important, but having the time to adjust to day time after hardly getting any sleep the night before is also, VERY important. The last thing I want to be doing is jumping out of bed after having four/five hours sleep to get my somehow, crazy, full of energy toddler out of bed. Where do they get all their energy from? It would only be fair if they shared their secret, right? Hopefully these tricks will give all you sleep deprived mamas/dadas a moment or two in the morning to adjust to the sleep deprived day you will have. Keeping it real.

O N E — Their favourite programme/movie. Bing goes down a treat in our house. Snuggle up in your sweet, beautifully comfy bed and bask in the glory of all things Disney. It’s a life saver for sure. BUT, if your little(s) are anything like mine, this will only keep them entertained for a short while. Which is all good and well until they think bouncing up and down on your tummy is the next fun activity to do (enter eye rolling emoji here).

T W O — Breakfast in bed. Now I’m not talking go and slump in front of the oven and cook a full English breakfast. No no no. I’m talking chop some fruit up, pop it on a plate and ta daaa. Preferably the stuff that makes the least mess. This may just be Esmé’s favourite thing to do which makes my whole life. If a plate of fruit keeps her in one place for ten minutes who am I to complain? This, mixed with her favourite Disney movie really is a winner. And an excuse for breakfast in bed for you too? Oh, why not. It is for the kids after all. You’re welcome.

T H R E E — Books. I’m not talking about the books that you have to sit and read on repeat, ain’t nobody got time for that at half six in the morning. Get the ones FULL of pictures, where they can just chuckle to themselves and make all the animal noises as they flick through. It’s actually quite nice to lie back in bed and watch your favourite little learn all by themselves. It gives a nice, positive start to the day. Trust me. I’d take that over a tantrum because they’ve ate all their breakfast and can’t figure out why there’s nothing left in their bowl. any. day.

F O U R — Sing. Sing your flipping heart out if you manage to lie in bed for ANOTHER ten minutes or so. Esmé loves a good sing song. Twinkle twinkle and row row are her favourites, she even does the rock herself back and forth on her own. All I have to do is open my mouth and sing. I may be tone deaf, but Esmé enjoys it so we can’t go wrong really (she’s a good egg), the neighbours may hate me and my strangled cat voice but again, ten minutes extra in bed then I can definitely live with that.

These tricks often get me half an hour extra in bed and that is like heaven! I may not have got any extra sleep but sometimes just being able to stretch and wake yourself up properly before bouncing into the day makes allllll the difference. Obviously, there is no school run in our house just yet but when that time comes, the weekends will be the sweetest cheat a lie in days E V E R.

The sweetest part of all? The kiddie winks have no idea that you’ve managed to just bag yourself extra time in bed. They just think you’re the best parent ever for “letting” them eat in bed and do all their favourite things. Can’t go wrong with that, right? Hope these tricks work just as well for you.

Happy steaing extra time in bed babes ♡



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