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Now, I know what you’re thinking. Do I wear a wig? Is that why I have hair in all my photos and then blog about no hair. Not quite.

Babies however, takes a while for those hairs to come through. I’ve always dreamed of having a little girl, sitting and braiding her hair while she sits their still (PAHA how utterly naive of me), giggling and talking about life with me. Esmé is a little too young to do that with me just yet BUT I do kind of, deep breath, love trying different hairstyles with her. Now, getting her to sit still is a challenge in itself but with the right distraction, she enjoys it as much as me. I love these bonding moments, times that I will treasure, where it’s just me and her.

Little E has short, wispy hair so hairstyles that don’t fall out in seconds has been kind of difficult to invent. But, I’ve finally mastered a few! I am all for two cute little piggy tails but I like to mix things up every now and again and now I know I can, if you like to do that too then this one is for you. Us mamas/dadas (I’ll be seriously impressed if you’re a dad) need to stick together. So, you’re welcome in advance 😉

Attempting to keep an 18month old mischievous toddler still for long enough to even pop a clip in is an achievement. So, achieveng any longer than that, honestly makes me deserve a medal. Prepare your face to look a little like mine here, a long with constantly singing or talking about any distraction and throw a few gritted teeth in there and you’re on the right track.


Yes, of course my dear child you can have a drink for the ONE MILLIONTH time. You must be SO thirsty, my bad. (enter eye rolling emoji here).


Hairstyle number one —

I’m going to call this one the pony bun, that’s quite literally what it is. Sounds odd but is actually super cute. Probably wouldn’t work on yours or my hair however, just throwing that out there.

Split the hair into two sections, top and bottom and pop them into two ponys.


Twist the top pony around until you meet the second pony and then twist them together so it looks a little like below.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Finally, twist it around into a teeny, tiny little bun so that it looks like below.


I know, I know, I’m a genius. You can thank me later because I’ve got a few other cute hairstyles to show you yet. (am I blowing my own trumpet enough to keep you reading?)

Hairstyle number two —

The pony plait, a popular hairstyle that is just too cute. Even though Esmé doesn’t have an awful lot of hair, this still manages to work and is really quick and easy which is what every parent needs, right?


Pop their hair into a pony tail, then braid the hair as normal. Pop a band in to secure at the end and there you go. The cutest pony braid you ever did see, am I right or am I right? It’s okay, I know I’m right. (smirky face emoji insertion here).



Hairstyle number three —

A little twist (literally) on the previous hairstyle. Just twist (told you) the braid around the top bobble and secure it with a band, now you have a plait bun. Super easy, super cute and super simple. W i n n e r.


Hairstyle number four —

I am yet to think of a name for this one, it is a hairstyle I randomly stumbled upon with my own creativity. If you can think of a name, throw one my way. I kind of want to do this one on myself which makes me excited because TWINNING IS WINNING.

Start by separating the hair into two sections, left and right. Twist the two sections outwards to inwards and bring the two ends together as shown in the photo below.


Pop a band in to secure it, so it seems like a loose pony with a gap in between the two sections.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Pull the bottom of the pony tail over and through the gap, as shown below.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Pull it all the way through so that it looks like a pony again with a small gap in the middle.


Pull the pony tight at the bottom so that the gap is no longer there and there you go you hairstyle genius. A cute hairstyle with very minimal effort and if you love twinning as much as me, give it a go. We should be friends.

Bows, bows, bows, they make any hairstyle even cuter on little girls. A clip bow or a hairband bow, you name it, little E has a very big, ever growing collection. My favourite, go to shop is @willow_and_ivy they have the cutest collection of bows to fill your hearts bow desire and the price is pretty heart throbbingly good too. For 15% off use code stacey15 at checkout, you’re welcome and happy shopping.

Now, tidy up the mess that was made which, if anything like Esmé means you’ve got a treasure hunt to find all those tiny bobbles she’s chucked everywhere. Those pesky things get everywhere. And you drink that hot drink while it’s still drinkable and not completely cold. Because, for getting through a toddler hair styling sesh you deserve it.



Happy hair stylin, hot drink drinkin, bow buying babes.



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