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Let’s talk about clothes baby,

Let’s talk about brand and fee,

Let’s talk about all the good things,

And all the cuteness that may be.

(Bonus points if you can guess what song that sounds like).

Clothes, clothes, clothes. Buying new ones has always been an addiction of mine and that addiction D O U B L E D  when little E came along. Including the price tag too. Sometimes the clothes could be more pricey than something I’ve bought for myself, how is that even possible when it’s a fraction of the fabric? Fear not, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on their clothes when they just out grow them within a month. Because that is super annoying right?

Quite a few people comment on little E’s clothes and that she always looks stylish and adorable (totes blowing my own trumpet there). I obviously think she always looks on point adorable but you know you’re not just biased when others comment on it too. So, I am here to tell you one of my top secrets to Esmé’s wardrobe (not really a secret but makes it sound even more interesting haha).

B l o o m e r s — these have literally become my best friend. Esmé has about six pairs and I’d have her in them every single day if I could. They are perfect for an all year round fit, bare legs and sandals for summer, tights and boots for winter. They are stretchy so can be worn lose or a little bit tighter, meaning they get a longer wear out of them which is a win win for us parents, right?

Throw a few different style tops in to the occasion and you are on to a winner. One pair of bloomers could be used in three-four different outfit combos, it’s a given that these are a staple in little E’s wardrobe. They looked adorable when she was little and she still rocks them now.

Ive previously purchased mine from mama’s and papas, which WAS the only place I could find any until I stumbled upon the world of insta. Now, my bloomer dreams have come true. Any colour, frills, bows, you name it, it can be found. All hand made by some pretty amazing super moms. Alllll hail those moms because they make my life a whole lot easier!

I’ll list a few of my favourites just in case you want to jump on the bloomer band wagon. I absolutely recommend it, you won’t look back I promise.

@floral_threads — this one may just be my absolute favourite, I have a few different colours from here and the quality is just spot on (and the price). Check them out on  Instagram, you won’t be disappointed. — another very close, top favourite. A unique twist with lots of different fabrics for you to chose from. With gorgeously themed bloomers for all celebrations, christmas, Easter, special occasions etc. I promise you won’t regret having a peek, PLUS, the price tag is even more reasonably priced. WINNER.

@freya_lillie_ — ahhh I cannot decide my top favourite because they are all SO good! Absolutely gorgeous quality, so durable which is one you need for crazy toddlers let be honest. Again, reasonably priced with others gorgeous clothes like romoers. Which are also a massive staple in little E’s wardrobe. Check them out, you’ll thank me later.

I could go on forever but I’ve given you a fair few, amaaaazing options there. I love finding new shops that sell bloomers so any recommendations? Leave them in a comment below.


This is not a sponsored blog post. It is based solely on my opinion and is unbiased.



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