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Did you know that people spend FIFTY FIVE minutes a day looking for things in their home? That’s TWO WEEKS a year!!

+++ did you know that decluttering your house can reduce housework by up to 40%?!? I know I’ve caught your attention with that one because who doesn’t want to deduct their housework?

How easy is it to build up boxes/cupboards/drawers of items you don’t necessarily need or papers that you definitely don’t need to keep? Pretty easy for me anyway. I only moved into my new house two years ago and already I have managed to collect enough kit to stock a whole charity shop. Please tell me I’m not alone in this? I try to be sensible, promise.

After what feels like the thousandth time to go through EVERYTHING with the bin, give to charity and keep piles I have made a vow to myself to N E V E R let that dang junk drawer get as full again. You know what draw I’m on about right? The one where the letters go, that spare screw that you don’t know what is from goes, that set of pens, that spare crayon. The list could go on forever, whatever random thing you find that you don’t want to be left out on show ALWAYS has a home in the junk drawer. After having a clear out, I almost feel like a new woman. Opening the draw and finding what I want just at a glance, rather than having to dig through is SO refreshing! I want Pinterest worthy cupboards and drawers, so that is my goal. If you’re a Pinterest gal/pal you’ll know exactly what I mean. If not, join the Pinterest hype because you are for sure missing out my friend.

I’m not saying I put my clothes in colour order (although that sounds amazing right now), I don’t really have the spare time to be faffing around with that. BUT getting your home into order, does a whole lot of good for that little, old brain. It’s amazing really and I cannot recommend it enough.

I have always been a lover of decorative nik naks being placed around the home, but as I get older I’m starting to appreciate the minimalistic look more. I literally have big, black bag after bag after bag to dispose of AND it actually feels suuuuper refreshing and therapeutic to get rid of them all. My brain feels a little less messy, my life feels a little more in order and my home feels a lottttt more cleaner and organised. It’s a good feeling for sure. If you’re feeling like I did, a clear out should be put on to your schedule. It is more therapeutic than you may realise. I’ve found that with children, you collect SO much and before you know it your house is full to the brim of bits and bobs that you may but majority of the time, may not need.

I’m definitely not saying chuck out everything that isn’t necessary so you have a bare home, I’m all for keepsakes. I’m in the middle of organising some photo boxes/books and a keepsake storage box. I’m talking about shoes that you haven’t wore in too long, clothes that you no longer like, just sitting there waiting for you to love them again. I’ve just gave away 17 pairs of shoes, S E V E N T E E N pairs?!?!? How is it even possible to have collected that many and STILL have plenty of pairs left that I’m keeping. I didn’t realise I was such a shoe collector. And some times, that is half the problem. You don’t even realise how much you have until you organise. While clearing out the shoe cupboard, I asked myself “If I were shopping right this second, would I buy this?” If the answer was no, out it goes. From here on out, I am going to be keeping an eye on everything I keep and make sure that my home/life is 99% organised. Because let’s be honest, being 100% is just unrealistic and that’s okay, I’m not aiming for perfection. Just to be better.

Every. single. day. clear out something that doesn’t deserve you. Whether it be a sock with holes, a book you’ll never read or a cruddy thought. Your mind and soul will thank you for it.

Stuck on how to get started? Download my F R E E  list of what item to chuck out once a day for the rest of the month starting from today, just to make things a little easier. I know how busy all our schedules can be. Use #ohthatdeclutter19 on the world of insta, I would love to see your journeys/outcomes.

Link for the declutter list is below, just click.


Happy decluttering ♡



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