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You know when that sweet little memory pops up on your feed and you try to remember what your life was like way back when.

Two whole years ago we announced to the world that we were becoming a family of three. Little did I know how one extra member would make such a M A S S I V E difference in my life. I look back at my child free days fondly but not because I necessarily miss them. Sure, I miss mornings in bed, I miss actual, real life lie ins, I miss eating when I wanted and I absolutely miss just leaving the house with zero responsibility hanging on my hip. Buuuut, I wouldn’t change my life right now at all, not even a single bit.

I definitely took advantage of those free days though, I look back now and wonder what the heck I did with all of my spare time? And chuckle at the times I thought I was actually busy and having to rush around PAHA!

I don’t think I’ve ever thought and talked about poop and wee so much in my life.




Legit questions I’ve asked on more occasions than I care to admit. What a glamorous life is parents live where toilet habit conversations become apart of our daily routine.

Talking about toilet habits, oh those days where you could pee or poop by yourself. In peace. WITHOUT some staring eyes peeping around the door or an annoyingly adorable voice shouting MOM/DAD. Oh well. Now, that would be glorious. See, I don’t actually miss much of my life before becoming a mama other than the teeny tiny things that are easily replaced by the love of this crazy child I’m raising.

I still have a spreadsheet saved on my phone of what time Esmé had a bottle, if she poo’d or wee’d and if she was sick or not (please tell me others do that too?) I like to look back and be grateful for the little extra sleep I’m getting now compared to way back then.

It’s no secret that I’m broody 24/7 and would happily pop babies out (maybe not the popping out part but definitely the having a baby part) as often as I possibly could. However, I know that I need to take in every second of this time with my little E, the good and the bad. I want to be able to look back on this time just as fondly as I do pre parent time.

I’m for sure appreciating where my life is right now but I’m also excited for where this crazy rollercoaster ride will take us next.

Happy living in the moment babes ♡



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