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All mamas out there will know that on most days we don’t get chance to spend very long on our hair. I L O V E trying out different hairstyles and it’s even better if I get them done in limited time. That is definitely a mom win!

I have three hairstyles that are my favourites. I try to mix things up a lot and try all different ones but these are easy, quick, and practical. If I can save five/ten minutes on my hair and still feel good then we’re on to a winner!

Hairstyle one: All hail the mighty mom bun. I think this one is probably a well known one for all mamas out there.


Super easy, quick and definitely practical. You know when babies get into that hair grabbing stage? This is the bomb digity hairstyle for that my friends. Up and out of the way. Looks great with minimal effort, yes please!

I tie my hair in a pony, bring my two for fingers on my left hand to in front of the pony and wrap the tail over. Twist my hair around and pull my fingers out while holding with my other hand still. Then I fold it onto my head and mess it around a little bit. Secure it with a bobble and then I bobby pin in different places until I get the affect that I want. Pictures for a demonstration of the twist steps are below.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetYou really cannot go wrong with this one, pin your bangs back into a fringe, curl some bits and leave them out, style your bangs in and straighten them. Literally can mix it up anyway you want. Mom buns are life. Easy life.

Hairstyle two: (this may require overnight action).

I LOVE this hairstyle because you can mix it up so it looks different but is actually exactly the same. Too good to be true, right? Fear not ladies. Introducing, the some up pony? Some up some down?  Not actually entirely sure what this one is called but we’ll roll with it!

With this hairstyle you can change it up which is why I like it so much. You can have your hair curly, poker straight orrrr beach babe waves. The one that takes the least time is the beach waves, just pop your hair in French plaits the night before.

This one is suuuuper easy. You literally just grab the top section of your hair so that it is even around your whole head, making a pony with the top part of your hair and pop it into a hair tie. I like the pony to be quite high up on my head as you can see in the photos above. I then mess the top section of my hair up a tiny bit to give it a little volume.

In the top right photo I have taken a small section of the hair from the pony and wrapped it around the hair tie so that you can’t see it and just bobby pinned it in place. That’s again, just a different spin on the hairstyle. This one also has the hair out of your face a little so if you have hair pulling babies this one is also a good one, if you don’t fancy the mom bun.

Hairstyle three: (this requires overnight action)

Pop your hair into French braids the night before. As you’ve probably noticed, this is one of my favourite things to do because all I have to do in the morning is take the hair ties out, poof my hair about and ta daaa, ready for the day. Except, with this one you just add a couple of braids in the morning and it’s like a whole new look! Winnerrrrr! I’m all for easiness here.

Grab a section of hair from each side of your face, it can be as small or as big of a section as you’d like. Depending on how chunky you want your plaits to be. Plait both sections and wrap them around the back of your head so that the sections end on the opposite side of where they were plaited, pin them into place.

I like to open the plaits up a little bit and mess with the top bit of my hair to give it a bit of a natural, messy look. But this is totally variable so can be done exactly how you like it.

Sometimes I do a fishtail braid as well which looks super affective, super easy and I always get lots of compliments on it. Can’t go wrong with that really.

We’ve got to make this mom life a bit easier on ourselves. I love trying out new hairstyles so if you have any good recommendations leave them below and I’ll give them a try.

I hope this makes your crazy hair days a little more easier to manage with a little hanging off your leg! Remember my loves, you deserve some you time and to feel good about yourself too. ♡



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