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I’ve recently had a lot of discussions with different mamas that are finding this whole motherhood malarkey super hard and sometimes feel scared to open up about it. Sometimes as parents, we feel like if we say how much of a difficult day we’re having or that we’re struggling it makes us bad parents. Is that what you’ve been thinking? Well, I want to put a stop to that right now. This is to all parents, especially mamas, because we’ve ALL been there.

I like to keep things real. So, as much as I LOVE being a mom and feel like it’s my calling in life. I also have the worst of the worst days too. And if you’re sitting there thinking you’re alone, stop. Because you are most definitely not. I promise you that every parent in the world has had their days/weeks/months where they thought they were failing at this parenting business with plenty more to come. And that is absolutely normal.

Just last night I wanted to have a tantrum myself after little E woke up crying for the tenth time in the space of two hours. As much as I love being a parent, I know that bad days come and I don’t beat myself up about that. Children throw tantrums, it’s a given so prepare yourself for it and don’t ever beat yourself up about it.

Some home truths are, children cry, they get sick and are grumpy just like we would be, they sometimes don’t understand why they can’t throw themselves into the pond with the ducks, they absolutely don’t want to leave the park even though they’ve been there for hours already, and they don’t understand that what was their favourite meal is now something they refuse to even put near their mouth. Yes, they push our buttons. Buttons that we didn’t even know existed. But, let’s be honest, they pull on heart strings that we didn’t know were there either.

Being a parent is a choice you make every single day. To put someone else’s happiness ahead of your own. To teach the hard lessons that they are struggling to understand and to do the right thing even when you’re unsure of what that is. But most importantly, to forgive yourself over and over again for doing things “wrong”. Well, your idea of wrong anyway. Because as long as your kiddiewinks are happy (majority of the time), safe and loved then you are doing everything absolutely right.

You will never have this day with your little ones again. Tomorrow, they will be a little older than they were today. Today is a gift as is tomorrow and the next. Just breathe, take in every moment, study their faces and their character and their teeny feet. Pay attention and relish in the charms of this moment. Enjoy today, it will have passed by before you know it.

I know that sometimes when you’ve been stuck inside the same four walls with poo-namis and tantrums galore that it can feel like your world is so small with no escape. Let me just remind you, that you are the world. You are the only world that your little ones revolve around. You are their comfort, their safe place, their home. You are everything to them and I hope you remember even on the hardest of days, just how special you are. Especially to your little people.

Chin up babes, tomorrow is a new day ♡



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