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Hiii everyone, hope you’re all having the best start to your week!

Every day is an adventure with my little E instead of describing it in words I thought I’d give you all a little insight of my day to say life. Days with a toddler can be hard, fun, tear jerking with stress and laughter. If you know me at all you’ll know that taking photographs is my most favourite thing to do, I love the memories that they capture so creating this story in photos has been SO fun.

This is the first face I see every day and it seriously is the cutest. I know I’m totally biased but just look at herrrrr. Esmé starts my day with singing and the most gorgeous smiles. Can you see why I always start my day with a smile? I mean come onnnn, all the heart eyes for her!

As if my mornings couldn’t get any better I get snuggles AND then literally attacked. Anyone else’s toddler think you’re a climbing frame?


First things first is take care of that morning face because let’s be honest, it’s never really that pretty. Skin care products are legit my favourite things ever, I’m a skin care product whore so if you have any recommendations, send them my wayyyy. Please.

Trying to get yourself socially acceptably presentable is hard with a toddler around. The easiest way is to let her do my make up with me, sometimes it gets messy and sometimes it’s just too dang cute watching her copy me.

Selfies are a part of mine and little E’s day every. single. day. With a cute face like hers can you blame me? Who’s with me?

While little E has her breakfast I clean and as you can see, we like to have a little sing and dance. Singing and dancing makes any chore feel like a more exciting one, I suggest you all give it a try.

Every day we go on a little adventure, Esmé loves it, I love it. It gives me a breather and gets us out of the same for walls so that we don’t go insane. I defffffinitelt recommend it.

When we get back from our walk we normally watch a Disney movie, Mary poppins is Esmé’s current fave, play and take selfies…. again!


You know when you run errands and your toddler falls asleep in the car just before you get home and just before nap time? Every piggin time. It happens so much so that I think I’m going to have mastered the changing her nappy and putting her to bed without her waking up. #momwin

Esmé naps, I chill out. I’m unfortunately not one of those mamas that does a gazillion chores while their baby naps. I do a few chores but then I take some me time too, we all need it and what better time than in the middle of the day to refresh and get through the rest of it? I don’t nap every single day but if my body needs it I definitely wheeze one in and I don’t even feel bad about it. It’s important that us mamas take care of ourselves too so I embrace it.

Esmé is absolutely adorable when she wakes up, her hair is crazaaaay. She loves food just like her mama and that’s what she wants as soon as wakes up. Definitely takes after me, sleep and then food. Priorities right?

I told you she’s a foodie. Is it just me that thinks toddlers with a chocolate covered face is the cutest thing ever? Until it gets on her clothes of course.

No wonder she needs all the food she eats because she literally bounces off the walls whenever she’s awake. She is super hyper all the time and forever wanting to do new things and explore. I love that she has such a hugeness personality and I hope she holds on to that forever.

Shock, food is involved again. I promise that we don’t just eat all day even though it looks that way. It is a very important part of our day though I won’t even deny it. I’m one of those kind of people that plans lunch while they’re eating breakfast. Not at all ashamed.

We always end our day with snuggles and story time and then BEDDDDD!! I practically jump up and down when it’s bed time. Life with a toddler is hard work, I am having the time of my life watching her learn and grow but it definitely comes with it’s hard points. That’s normal and it’s best to just take each day as it comes. Find something to smile about and to treasure the memories forever.



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