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Hiiii everyone, hope you’re having the best start to your week!

Esmé has always been a good sleeper, she slept through the night at around four weeks old and it was A-MAZING! However, every once in a while she likes to throw a spanner in the works for a couple of weeks and makes me a complete mombie.

One night in particular I wrote a little diary of what was happening, something I could look back on fondly (jokes) and something I can show her when she’s older so she can appreciate how much I love her. I wouldn’t lose sleep for anyone else, fact.

It’s 22:44, I’ve been awake since 05:45am this morning, done a twelve hour shift and I. am. dying. Esmé has woke up three times already and I feel like I’m in for a LONG night! She wants snuggles and as much as I’m happy to give her as many as she wants… I neeeeeed sleep. Here’s hoping she settles, and soon. Fingers and toes crossed!

It’s 23:17 Esmé started moaning literally just a few minutes after putting her down and all I hear in the darkness of my bedroom is the (grumpy) hubs say “oh please shut up”. If that’s not top notch parenting then I don’t know what is folks, I’m sure it was said with love though, don’t panic.

It’s 23:27 and I’m in that stay in bed or get out, go check on her limbo where Esmé cries a little and then settles. We’ve all been there I’m sure. This limbo sucks. Just sleeeeep child!!

Esmé – 1 Mama – 0
It’s 23:42 and I’ve caved. I have a very sleepy toddler sprawled across me, if she’s so dang sleepy why won’t she sleep in her cot?!?!? I secretly love the unexpected cuddles but desperately want to resume my normal on the tummy, star fish sprawled sleep right now. Is it wishful thinking that hopefully she’ll be zonked soon and we can both resume into normal sleeping positions? Taking mombie to a whole new level right now.

00:48 and I’ve just put Esmé back in her cot whispered I love you through gritted teeth and gave her a kiss after being kicked in the tummy several times, I needed my bed back. I love her but boy is she pushing my grumpy, sleepy mama buttons tonight!

It’s 4:37 I thought we may have made it to a decent time until little E decided to cry “memmy memmy memmy” at the end of her bed, stretching her head around the ajar door trying to see if she could catch my attention. Kinda cute, kinda can’t even appreciate the cuteness through my half open eyes. I put some relaxing baby music on in hope that she’ll drift off into a deep sleep to the land of nod exactly where I want to be….

06:45 of course Esmé couldn’t possibly want a lie in this morning after very little sleep. Instead, she wants to play jump on mommy in bed. And so the day begins…

If you’ve had similar experiences to me, I’d recommend writing it in the journal how you’re feeling at that exact moment. I appreciate the nights she sleeps through so much more no when I read through nights like that. These kiddies like to keep us on our toes for sure, it’s a good job they’re cute and we love them eh.

Heres hoping the next sleepless nights are for a while yet and I hope all of your babies let you get a decent trip to the land of nod for the rest of the week (okay maybe just tonight because THAT is wishful thinking).



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