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Hiiii all! Hope you’ve all had the best of weekends.

Today, I wanted to share a blog post all about parenting fails because lets be honest, they happen. A friend of mine recently asked how I’m mom bossing the heck out of parenting and I had to laugh out loud! How often do we paint this perfect picture for the world to see instead of the stressful life that we are actually living. Well, I’m now going to paint the not so perfect picture for y’all because it’s real. Bad days will come, that doesn’t make you a bad parent, it makes you HUMAN. We all need to remember this sometimes (okay, most of the time). We’re not perfect and won’t get things bang on every time because what fun would that be?

Blooper number 1)

We were lying in bed together on an innocent sunny morning. I turned my back for literally five seconds, and then… MASSIVE bang and theeeee loudest cry I ever did hear. Poor little E had rolled over for the first ever time resulting in her falling off the bed. Not my proudest parenting moment. It took me a good five minutes for me to calm her down after the breath holding cry that we all know too well. I legit thought I was the worst parent in the whole world… PAHA!

She wasn’t hurt, it was more the shock than anything and looking back I beat myself up for it more than I deserved. Since then, lots of parents have told me “horror” stories of incidents with their children. You wouldn’t be a parent without them because this is real life and it happens. You can always laugh about it in the future or tell your children they’re crazy because of how many times they bumped their head when they were litte (just kidding. Or am I …).

Blooper number 2)

It was just supposed to be an innocent car ride after poor little E had her 12 week injections. Casually drove around the roundabout as you do but heard this little bump in the back…. Turned and found the poor little pudding upside down in the car seat… How did that even happen? Dangling, half zonked from her injections, none the wiser but, still I nearly died. I was such a terrible mother, or so I thought. Me and Dada swore black and blue that it wasn’t us that hadn’t clipped her car seat into the isofix base properly (genius invention but tricky to get used to).

Looking back, I can and do laugh about it. These things happen. Again, she wasn’t hurt and won’t remember a single thing until we tell her all the shocking things we did when she’s older. Haha.

Blooper number 3)

Poo-nami’s are so so real. Not experienced one yet? You’re lucky, for now. Your turn will come soon enough. We were out having a nature day, walking in the forest. When Little E decides it’s the perfect time to do an almighty poop, as they always do. SO inconvenient (Joking,. Sort of).

The only place we could change her was in the back of the car, which is never ideal but it has to be done. It was a nice shiny, mercedes, a company car and Little E’s dada was more bothered about getting poop on those luscious leather seats than he was about cleaning her poor little bottom up. Yes, my friends, he wanted me to change that butt in the air. Of course, I didn’t because that just isn’t possible although I’m sure he wanted me to find a way. Boy’s and their toys aye.

Blooper number 4)

This one happened only recently so I am still recovering from the parenting fail.

Little E was being a little monkey and wouldn’t leave the party so I used my little leaving trick. Waving and shouting goodbye as I slowly started to edge away. Oh boy did it work as it always did. Shouting “noooo” and running as fast as her little legs could (which is like slow mo to any normal human being) she tripped and FACE planted the floor. Oh boy, did I feel bad. Lot’s of treats were consumed that day for little E.

Which is probably also a complete parenting fail, treats given because I felt bad but I’m rolling with it because it not only made her happy, but it made her slightly forget about her grazed lip, nose, eye AND head (yikes).

Blooper number 5)

It was about the third time we took little E swimming and she REALLY enjoyed sitting on the edge of the pool and jumping into your arms nearly as much as tricking you into sitting her on the edge and her running away. Not fun, trying to climb out of a pool as fast as you can to grab an escaping toddler. Gosh, they keep you on your tippy toes don’t they?

Well, this one time she didn’t run away and she jumped straight in before anyone was ready to catch her which resulted in her dive bombing in to the pool and coming back up in total shock at what had just happened, blowing endless amounts of raspberries to get the water off of her face. Parenting or baby fail though? Juuuust kidding. We definitely upped our observing game after that one.

I have PLENTY more bloopers that I could share but I just wanted to show that these things happen. Parenting fails are real. Everyone experiences them, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t. My little girl is happy and loved and that is all that is important.

There is no manual to parenting, you kind of just have to wing it. See what works and see what doesn’t. When things go wrong, this is how we learn. So embrace those bloopers, I sure am. Little E will thank me for the laughs when she’s older. Life is all about having fun along the way, so do just that. Don’t take everything so seriously, you’ll be happier for it I promise.

If you have any parenting bloopers/fails share them below or send me a message. I would LOVE to hear them and know I’m not alone. We’re all in this together after all.

Hope you all have a fantastic week and embrace those parenting fails that come along the way. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are bossing the heck out of this parenting game, you’re doing your best and that is all that you can do. Enjoy!



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