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… That EVERY mama needs to get their hands on!!

Hiiii everyone, I hope you’re all having the best start to your week. I’ve recently been asked by a lot of people what I use on Esmé’s skin for it to be so soft. If you didn’t already know, Esmé suffered from really dry and sore skin when she was newborn. It made me super sad because she didn’t have that ‘soft as a baby’s bottom’ feel to her skin.

After about 12 months I FINALLY found some products that have literally made me do the happy dance at how well they work. That happy dance is down to these three product ranges. What. a. God. send! I tried literally EVERYTHING and it sent Esmé out in either a rash or just didn’t work at all but these ranges are just lush and have worked wonders not only on little E’s skin, but mine too. I can’t sing their praises enough!

If you’re a mama that has a child/children with bad skin this is the post for you! Or even if you’re a grown up with bad skin, try this range out because I’m preeeeetty sure it will change your life.

Anyway, enough with the rambling.

The first product I use, is the emollient wash in the Aveeno baby range. I squeeze a generous amount into the bath and give it a whirl. It makes the water bubble just like bubble bath which is a win win with the kiddies! Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

The next product I use is by Dove, in the sensitive range. It smells delicious aaaaand it’s really gentle on little E’s skin. She always lifts her feet and legs up for me to wash them with a sponge, it’s super cute.

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Then of course I rinse it all off using the sponge, it lavas into a gorgeous smooth consistency which I love because I know it’s giving her skin a good wash but also not going to dry it out even more.

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And just look at that face, this is how much she loves bath time I couldn’t resist adding this one into the post for y’all to see.

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Not only has Esmé had bad skin but she also had cradle cap that partly remained and everything I tried just didn’t work. Until I found this Children’s Farm shampoo. Not only does it smell INCREDIBLE but it has also really helped with the whole dry skin in the hair situation. Amazing, I absolutely love it.

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I purchased this range from boots and I wouldn’t ever use any other shampoo because this one is legit the best, for little E anyway. I’m half tempted to use it on my own hair purely for the smell. People are forever complimenting how good her hair smells, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good baby smell! I’ve got the strawberry shampoo and boyyyyy, it smells good.

Just throwing in another cute photo of this little munchkin mid washing her hair. She must like the smell too because boy is she happy here haha.

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Esmé’s least favourite part of bath time is when it’s time to get out so I needed some products that were quick to apply and soaked in easily without having to wait hours before it’s dry enough to put pjs on. The first thing I use on little E’s skin is the baby Aveeno cleansing milk. I apply this to the particularly bad areas using a cotton pad which for Esmé are her legs and back. It smells delicious AND leaves the skin Silky soft. What’s not to love?

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Finally, I smother her skin in the baby Aveeno cream. It soaks in really quickly and just adds the final layer of smoothness to Esmé’s skin. We stopped using this for a couple of days and noticed that Esmé’s skin slightly getting dry again. If you’re going to get any of the baby Aveeno products, I’d definitely recommend you get this one. It’s my favourite out of them all and works either on it’s own or with all the other products for full effect.

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I hope this helps if you’re struggling with dry skin in your household. I’ve searched high and low for ideas on what to use to little E’s skin and none of the recommendations worked for me. So, if you’re in the same boat, hop onto these products ship and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the baby skin softness!

This post is not sponsored and is based solely on my opinion and results of the products.



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