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Hiiii everyone, hope you are all having the best of weekends!

I made a school boy error this weekend by leaving the nappies in the car (BIG OOPS) while I went for a walk with Esmé which ended up in little E in soaked pants and a quick dash back to the car for a nappy change – not my best of parenting days. Had any outing mishaps? Share them below, I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one not winning daily in this parenting game.

My first and most important item I personally think every parent needs on an outing is a spare pair of clothes. Honestly, I’ve had to make a few quick dashes to the nearest shop to the nappy changing room to buy new clothes as the ones little E was wearing could no longer be worn. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this area. Poo-Namis are a real thing, don’t be fooled my friend. Take that spare pair of clothes and thank your lucky stars if you don’t have to use them. Especially in the newborn stage, infact at that stage, pack two you know.. just in case!

Never underestimate the power of having multiple packs of wipes packed in your car. This is one I’ve only recently started to do and honestly, what a genius idea! Sometimes, little E decides the best time to projectile vomit is when we’re short of time and on our way to an appointment that is uber important. Wipes, come in handy very much so at this point. Also, those extra spare pair of clothes? Told you they would be good for something because vomit-Namis are also a very real thing.

In the baby stage – bottles galore is what you need and never think you’re packing too much milk. HA. Pack what you think you’ll need and I promise you’ll need more. Guaranteed.

In the toddler stage – juice, snacks, juice, snacks, juice, juice and more snacks. You absolutely need to have these on demand AND regularly. Hangry is a real thing in toddlers too. And throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care if you’ve sometimes (I promise only sometimes) stolen some of your toddlers snacks because you’ve not eaten since breakfast and hangry is also a very real thing in your life. This girl has and I’m not even ashamed. I need my observances to be on top form with this crazy toddler of mine on the run and that my friend means I need energy.

Take that spare dummy. Where do dummy’s go? Is it to hair clip and hair bobble heaven? I still to this day after years of bafflement do not know where these items disappear to. I’ve bought endless amounts of dummy’s and still only have two maybe three on a good day that I can actually find. Explanation please?

Toys, toys, toys. I’ve learnt to never leave the house without some form of toddler entertainment. I especially give little E a teddy or book to have in the back of the car, she chucks it down the side of her car seat (which I’m sure she thinks is a secret hideout) within 10 minutes but even so, it worked for a short amount of time and I’m always down for that. Toys work wonders on not only keeping littles entertained but also for their imaginations. Let them play. They’re learning while they play (And you’re learning you can get more done while they do it). Win win.

I know all of these may seem like leaving the house with littles is like trying to defuse a bomb but I absolutely 100% recommend to get out of the house. My hardest of parenting days has always been the days we’re stuck inside. And the best of days are the ones that we’re spent out, adventuring even if that just means nipping to the supermarket and letting them have a wander round with you while you get a few essentials. Yes, I’m that parent.

Being a parent is hard flipping work. No manuals, no instructions, just winging it every day of our lives. Make your life easier in every way you can and you will feel for sure like you are bossing the heck out of this parenting malarkey 💪 Even on the worst of days.

Be kind to yourself loves.



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