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Hiiii everyone, hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend!

Working out has always been something I’m passionate about, I love how good I feel after I’ve done it and I LOVE seeing the results. Since becoming a mom I’ve struggled a little to keep it up, be it lack of motivation, sleep deprivation so too tired to try and the hardest is trying to find the time. In the past couple of months I have incorporated exercise into my life in certain ways that has been a real hit with this whole mom life malarkey so, I thought I would share.

If you’ve got one or six children, if you’re a single parent or have a partner, if your children are growing up or if they’re all under four, it’s hard to get yourself to the gym. It’s hard to not only find the time but it’s hard to find the motivation. If you’re doing it, good on you. I’m sending you a major high five right now because THAT is an achievement for sure! And you probably shouldn’t read on because you might cringe at the fact that I don’t make going to the gym a priority.

If you’re a home bird, like the comfort of working out where no one can see and figuring out what’s good for you then this is the post for you!

First of all, you need to get into the mindset that you WANT to work out. So many times I’ve gone on an exercise binge and failed after a few weeks because I want that change but I don’t want to work for it. Fit bods don’t come easy my friend, you want it you’ve got to work for it. Hence the reason it’s called w o r k  out. It takes work. But, it can be fun.

I run. Occasionally. Most of the time it’s in the morning when no one is around so that I can’t be seen. I’m not a die-hard runner that runs every single morning. Maybe twice a week is my game. Maybe that’ll make an impact on fewer results but it works for me. So if you can only go for a run once or twice a week, try it. It’s actually quite therapeutic when you get into it. You don’t even have to run hard. I run, then walk, then run and so on. Get yourself into a routine that works for you because ultimately, this is all about you.

I workout when I’m brushing my teeth. This is by far the easiest time to do any type of exercise. I’m not doing a bunch of hardcore cardio. I squat and I do lunges. A mixture of the two every time I brush my teeth, I don’t forget to do it because it’s now embedded into my routine. You do the amount that works for you and take it as slowly as you want until you build yourself up to do more. Not having the time here isn’t an excuse because you have to brush your teeth morning and night, incorporating exercise into this part of your routine is actually really easy. Give it a go.

While I’m waiting for my moisturiser to dry, I do arm weights and sit-ups. If you’re like me and are the moisturiser queen, you’ll smother yourself in it from head to toe. So while waiting for it to dry I do as many sit-ups as my body will allow, it changes on a day to day basis. I alternate between standard sit-ups and across body crunches. I only manage a few arm weights because my arms are literally the weakest part of my body, I’m working on that though and I’m already seeing a difference. It’s amazing and exciting! It works for me, give it a go and it might work for you too.

Youtube workouts are the bomb. I love them because you can do them in the comfort of your living room. Some are 30 minutes long, some are 10 minutes long. Whatever time you have spare, get one on. Some are easier and some are total hardcore. Start off easy and work your way up. There are lots of different videos that focus on different parts of the body so if you’re wanting to work on a certain area like that perfect, peachy bum for example and want a little guidance, I absolutely recommend searching the tube. I try and do them three times a week. It’s normally a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. I either do them in the morning while little miss is eating breakfast or in the evening once she has gone to bed. Again, you can incorporate this how ever it works for you. If you’re interested in what sort of ones I do, comment below and I’ll let you know or send me a message on any of my social media sites 🙂

I take my little one swimming every week on a Saturday. If you can go with your partner or a relative or friend then this is the perfect time to get some exercise in. Again, this is all on you so you can do as many or as little swimming as you want. Of course play with your little one(s) in the pool, I don’t at all mean to just leave them so you can exercise but do a length here and there. I normally manage to do about 10-12 each time which isn’t a lot but it’s still exercise and I can feel it working on my body. The faster you get, the more you’ll be able to do.

Walking with little ones is the easiest exercise. On a sunny day or even a miserable one, get outdoors. It’ll make you feel better and make them behave a little better too. Everyone needs fresh air and there are lots of pretty walks around near us so I find this one super easy.

We all know that chasing around our children feels like it burns a thousand calories a day so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get to work out. You don’t have to do every single one of these every week, switch and change if you want to. The important thing to remember is that this is your body, your life, work at your own speed, do whatever is best for you. Having children doesn’t stop you from being able to have a little you time and to work on yourself. It’s good to think about ourselves every now and again. Enjoy that cake, chocolate or pack of biscuits to yourself and be guilt free. You sure as hell deserve it.



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