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…good nights sleep when you’re a mom ♡

Hiiii everyone, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

If you follow me on any of my social media sites you will know that I’m totally crushing on having pamper nights, I’m all for them (every night of the week would be preferable). After a pamper night I sleep like a baby, it’s the best! All mamas deserve a good nights sleep, if they can get one and they absolutely deserve a pamper night so now’s the time to give yourselves one, no excuses! You won’t regret it, promise. I know you must be desperate to hear of any tips to get a better night sleep, I always am. Sleep is an important part of my life (I’m grouchy as heck without it) so if it is for you to, read on 🙂

Tip number one: This is possibly the easiest step so no excuses for this one. Pick a night or go uber cool and be spontaneous! One night a week is my game and it’s usually a Saturday night because I’m such a party animal but if once every fortnight or once a month orrrr even more than once a week works best for you, go for it. Give the kids a treat if it’ll get them to stay in bed, let them watch a movie, get a babysitter, let them have a sleepover at their grandparents, whatever works. Just one, make sure you do it and two, make sure you have everything you need for that night and the results will be A flipping *.

Tip Number two: On the chosen night, run a nice hot, bubbly bath and set the mooood. By that I mean, light some candles, get some music playing. I’m a bit of a sucker for soppyness so love songs are my jam for this kind of situation, Boyce Avenue are pretty much my fave too orrrrrr some relaxing, spa music, a mix of all three and you’re on to a winner. Whatever suits you and you think will help you relax, get it playing. Turn the lights off and just have the glow of the candles in the room or dim the lights if you can, it really helps. (A little bit of light will be needed for my next tip).

Tip number three: Put down the damn phone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a phone addict as much as the next person but sometimes we need a second to breathe away from the rest of the world espesh social media. Put it in another room if it’ll be too much of a temptation. Have a book handy, probably one you’ve been wanting to read for yonks and haven’t made the time to. Now is the time my friend, close yourself off from the outside world and throw yourself into your book. My current read is ‘The unmumsy mum’ by Sarah Turner and I flipping love it. It’s got so much humour in it and as you all already know, I L O V E humour!! I have a few other books in the lineup for future pamper nights and I’m already excited about that, my life is clearly so hardcore ha ha.

Tip number four: Get a facemask on that luscious face of yours. I am a face mask whore, I LOVE them! Temple spa have a beaaaauutiful range and I absolutely recommend giving them a try, they always leave my skin feeling lush as heck! Oh and while you’re at it, stick a hair mask on too. Double whammy for the pampering, give me a yaya! Soft hair and smooth skin is a win-win to feeling good, when you feel good, you’ll sleep good. Plus, there’s something reaaaal relaxing about a face mask in the bath.

Tip number five: Once you’ve finished soaking in the bath and got yourself all dry, smother yourself in moisturiser, I do this every night because I’m a little bit obsessed but moisturised skin issss the bees knees. ESPECIALLY if you’ve just shaved. I always moisturise, and let it dry while brushing my teeth and doing my evening squats. Then walaaa, softy softy. Oh my. Ladies, you know. Soft hair, soft face, soft skin = a soft nights sleep, is that a thing? If not, it is now.

And finally, tip number six: Get some fresh (maybe even new if you’re a pj lover like me) Pjs on, fresh Bed linen and dive in. We all know how good it is to jump into a fresh new bed, it’s like heaven. So it’s no surprise that this will help you to get a good nights sleep. Now snuggle in, read a bit more of that book and shut those eyes, relax, play a little more music and off to snooze land you will go. Hopefully, all that relaxation will give you the good nights sleep you deserve.

Now, I know of course pamper nights are important if you’re a mom or not and these tips will help you regardless. As a mom we often forget about taking good care of ourselves, focusing solely on our babies which by no means is a bad thing. But sometimes we need that little bit of time for ourselves so make sure you make that time. Even if it’s just a quick rush through ten minutes before bed, do it. Don’t go to bed stressed, end your day right.

It is important to focus on yourself sometimes, even for a short time. Getting a good nights sleep is even more important to help us feel refreshed to be able to take on the next day. I know babies can wake us up in the night and that unavoidably affects our sleep BUT I do believe that if we’re relaxed enough, even an interrupted sleep can be better than if we’re not taking time for ourselves.

Remember, you’re not just a mom, you’re Maria, Lauren, Jade or whatever your name is. You are a person, you are your own person. You are you. And you absolutely deserve some y o u time. Enjoy it ♡



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