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IMG_3835Hi everyoneeee! Hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend.

I realise, I haven’t ever really, given you a lot of details about me and what better way to learn about someone than to give you some random facts? I’ve came up with a list of twenty, which was actually more difficult than I thought and quite fun. Try and come up with twenty about yourself, see how you do and comment below if you’d like to share. If you can’t think of twenty, any amount would be good. I’d love to get to know people a bit more 🙂

So here goes..
T w e n t y facts about me
♡ I sneeze EVERY time I chew chewing gum. Does anyone else experience this? Please tell me you do. I legit have NEVER chewed a piece of chewingum without sneezing. What is that all about?
♡ I absolutely hate confrontation and will avoid it in every possible way I can — Even if it’s absolutely needed. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this one. It drives my husband crackers because he’s possibly the only person that I confront about anything.. oops! Haha.
♡ I was born six weeks early. I was fairly poorly, my parents were told to prepare for the worst and here I am, total fighter, yo 💁 Anyone else born early? We can be preemie friends!
♡ My most favourite thing to do in the morning is dance in my underwear while singing into my hairbrush/deodrant can/shampoo bottle (you catch my drift). For reals. It makes my day. I’ve wrote about this in several blog posts so it’s not exactly new news. It for real, makes any day better. You should try it more.
♡ I L O V E meeting new people and hearing their life stories. Which is why I would LOVE you to comment below with any random facts you have to share 🙂
♡ I want S I X children, I grew up in a big family and think it’s the best thing everrrr. Suppose it doesn’t help that I’m broody, CONSTANTLY. I’m only 24 and I think I have quite a bit of time to fulfil that dream.
♡ I love chocolate but I want the perfect bod, it’s a never ending struggle! I’ve recently started at slimming world again, it’s the perfect balance and I’m hoping I’ll get that six pack I dream of, with hard work of course.
♡ I am completely tone deaf but loooove to sing at the top of my voice in the car, yep I’m THAT person at the traffic lights. I once drove next to someone dancing quite embarrassingly on the motorway without realising the car full of people were all watching me… oops! Britains got talent, come at me!
♡ Humour is my most favourite thing and it’s what I’m drawn to most in a person. What is better than laughing the whole day through? I have so many hilariously crazy people in my life and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. If you can make me laugh, let’s be friends!
♡ I had my whole life planned out when I was 18 and I am currently living the complete opposite of that plan. Yep. Enough said.
♡ I have always and will always want to own a yellow beetle (car). One day. One day my car dream will come true! Anyone else?
♡ I desperately want to travel the world, starting with a safari in Africa! Who doesn’t though really?
♡ I have only ever had two serious boyfriends, I married my second.
♡ I’m an absolute sucker for romance and I married the least romantic person in the world.. go figure!
♡ I’m a teeny weeny bit of a daydreamer. I can’t help it! I don’t even know what I dream about half the time, a better world though for sure! And driving around in that dream yellow beetle of mine.
♡ I want that perfect, American smile more than anything else. YES PLEASE.
♡ I’m actually super competitive but don’t realise how bad until I’m playing a game that I’m losing. Another secret is that if I’m losing a game I pretend I don’t care and laugh it off but inside I’m dyingggg and figuring out ways to kick everyone’s ass who’s playing haha.
♡ I’m a total Netflix junkie. Evenings snuggled in my pjs and series on repeat. Yes please.
♡ I love love looooove baking and just wish I had more time to do it, my hips are grateful that I don’t. (When I bake, I eaaaat).
♡ I have a slight obsession with pyjamas, I’m forever getting new pairs and probably have far too many but they make me happy. I think I have about 30 pjs, oops. All for comfort though!

So there you go, you know a little bit more about me and my crazy life now. Let me get to know a little bit more about you?



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