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IMG_3831Hiiii everyone, hope you’ve all had a fantabulous weekend.

Now, I’m going to get real in this blog post. Parenting is hard, as much as I go on about how much I love being a mom and how amazing my little girl is, the bad days come along just as much as the good, if not more. Sometimes, I am pushed to my absolute limit and I can’t stress enough how that is completely and utterly normal. Yep, you read correct. You. Are. Normal. Your feelings are normal, your mom/dad guilt is normal, your tear jerking days are 100% normal. We’ve all been there and will be there again for sure. Want a little help on how to get through those scream worthy days? Keep reading 🙃

Now, I know I’m no mom expert but these are things that have helped me get through the toughest of days and I believe they can help you too!

1) B r e a t h ♡

its amazing what taking a step back, slowing your breathing and counting to ten can achieve. For reals. If I’m about to lose my crud, this helps me be grounded. We’re only human, we’re totally imperfect and sometimes our emotions get the better of us. Don’t feel bad about that, like I’ve said before, it’s normal. Take that time to have a breather before you do anything else when you feel like you’re on the brink of exploding, it’ll give you a different perspective, promise.

2) Guilt free happiness ♡

This is probably the most important step. You had a bar of chocolate in secret totally to yourself, WITHOUT sharing with your child? Oh goodness, the world is not going to end. Fear not. You deserve the treat, don’t ruin it by feeling guilty about ANY treats you give yourself. Get your hair done, go for that massage, have that candle lit bath. Whatever it is, small or large, do it without that ugly thing called guilt. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it. You work hard, now treat yo self.

3) Watch them sleep ♡

Had a hard day with rascal children? I can assure you, as soon as you see them fast asleep your heart will soften. How could it not? They look so innocent and peaceful and it helps remind you why you love them so. Kiss their forehead and whisper you love them, because you absolutely do even on the worst of days (mind not to wake them though, that could end disastrously).

4) Look back fondly ♡

Looking at baby photos, newborn especially will fill your heart with complete love for your littles, I can promise you that. Read your journal of how much love you felt that first time you held them. Remember that first smile? First tooth? First sneeze, even? You can’t not look back at those fond memories and not burst with happiness. If they’re being brats (which is for real the right word sometimes), remember all the reasons why you love them and I can absolutely promise it’ll help, even if it’s just until the next tantrum starts.

And most importantly..

5) Live and l e a r n ♡

There is no guidebook to parenting, no rule book, no recipe to get it perfect. Just do you, you’ll do you best. If you make mistakes, it’s okay, they’ll forgive you because they love you. Don’t be too hard on yourself. This parent life don’t come easy and as long as you’re letting them live in love, you’re not going to go far wrong.

Kids push our buttons in ways no other can, every parent will agree with me on that one. We were there once just remember that. They’re pushing the boundaries to see where the boundaries are. They’re throwing that tantrum because they think it’ll get them what they want. It isn’t out of lack of love or adoration. One day they’ll know they owe you the world and will cherish every day you have given them, until then, hold on tight. Stock up on everything you love to get you through. Oh and something else, have a fellow mom/dad friend. We’re all in same boat and share the same problems. Having someone to laugh and cry about it with makes the world of difference! Chin up guys, you’re doing the best of jobs!




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