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Hiiiii everyone, hope you’re all enjoying this very sunshiney weekend!

I was talking to a good friend of mine about the world we’re bringing our children up in and it really got me to thinking. She was sharing experiences of her children having run ins with other children (which happens I know, that’s life), it’s a shame for me to say that this happens in adult life too.

How do we explain to our precious littles that sometimes in the world people can be mean intentionally or unintentionally and we just have to rise above it?

Im sure at some point in everyone’s life they’ve been at the brunt of someone’s anger, they’ve been hurt by someone’s words, been manipulated or bullied in some way. Talking from personal experience, it is SO hard to overcome these difficulties with positivity. I hate confrontation, and will avoid wherever possible however, I still stick up for myself and I guess that’s the most important thing.

You can be kind but still be courageous. And that’s an important aspect to teach our children.

Every day, we hear of bad things happening all around us. It’s terrifying knowing you’re bringing children up in this crazy world with crazy things happening all around. You do want to just wrap them in bubble wrap and keep them safe, holding your hand forever.

I understand now more than ever why my mom sheltered me when I was younger and why she kept me away from certain things, I’m grateful for that now (even though I was probably an argumentative pain in the backside back then) ha. That’s life, we live and we learn.

Ive seen a fair few heart breakingly sad situations so far in my nursing career and if it’s taught me anything, it’s taught me that life is short, too short and you never, ever know what is around the corner. Be kind, bring up your children to be kind.

Im trying out this new lifestyle where I surround myself with positivity and already I can feel the difference. There’s so much negativity in the world already, be that positive face that everyone needs to see and make a difference in not only your life but everyone’s around you too ♡



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