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fstockphotosb-6Hiiiii everyone, hope you are all having the most amazing weekend! It continues to be hard for me to believe that another week has passed already!! We’re half way through February, say whaaaat?!?

So, I’m wanting to share something a little different with you today. If you didn’t already know, I am a total beauty product junkie. I legit am FOREVER changing different beauty products I use because I am yet to find ones that I absolutely love and want to stay loyal to. Well, that is until today. Because I have found theeee most A-mazing bunch of hair products in all the world. That sounds pretty extreme right? But, hear me out. I have super dry hair that also gets super greasy really easy which has been a constant battle for the past ten- fifteen ish years or so. I swap and change my hair products ALL the time because for me, It’s hard to find one that actually does what it says it will.

Introducing the Salon Science range… Prepared to be wowed!


This is my collection so far and I am planning on expanding because I am just absolutely in love with these products. I’ve only been using them for a month or so and I can already feel an amazing difference in my hair. I was forever having to use dry shampoo even after I’d just washed it to give my hair some umph and not get greasy but using these products I now don’t own a single bottle of dry shampoo (and for a girl I think that’s a pretty big deal). I’ve tried heat detoxing my hair, reduced the amount I wash it and even changed my diet to benefit it with zero affect up until late. My hair is getting less frizzy and it’s even growing quicker than it has done before, it is in the best condition it has been in a looooong time.

My favourite range so far is the moisturizing range. I’m always cautious with those types as I have greasy hair but Salon Science have just absolutely solved all my hair problems. I know you’re all going to think I’m over exaggerating but for reals, you need to try these bad boys out.

Being a mama I don’t get all that much time to splash on myself but these hair products are really making me feel so much happier about the way my hair falls and the condition of it. It’s even helped with that little problem of postpartum hair loss. WINNER!

If I’ve not convinced you enough how good these are, go and check Salon Science out on instagram. They sometimes host giveaways, giving you the chance for a taste for absolutely FREE. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who has a similar hair type to me.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend all!



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