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pillowsHiiiii 🙋

And a very happy weekend to you all!

My little girls first birthday is creeping up on me and is only O N E month away!! How did that even happen? I’ve been reflecting on the past year and what life was like before baby came along. Gosh, life is so unbelievably different. To the point that I can hardly remember what it was like to not have a baby!

There’s many things I wish I’d thought of before having a baby and here’s five of them :

1) Travel, travel, travel

If you’re the traveling type that is. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to travel and given, people still manage to do that with a baby like that A-MAZING woman who travelled the world while on maternity leave with her baba! I wish I had the drive to do something like that now. I guess I’ll just stick to one destination a year but if you want to and children are on the horizon, do it now and fulfil that dream.🌏

2) Treat yourself

Don’t feel guilty about buying yourself those shoes or that gorgeous dress you’ve been eyeing up for weeks. Just do it! You’ll wish that you had. As one wise person once said “If you can’t stop thinking about it.. Buy it”.  If you’re anything like me, I’m addicted to baby clothes and even though I do treat myself still now, majority of my shopping trips are filled with finding cute buys for Esmé. So make the most of spoiling yourself now, I promise you won’t regret it!

3) Be happy with your body

This is one I really, really wish I’d done before I had a baby. Having a little one made me feel ridiculously weird about my body, I didn’t feel myself for an awful long time and it’s taking a lot longer than what I originally planned to be happy with the way I look, I’m still working on that one. I’ve always enjoyed exercise and getting into healthy eating but I am yet to keep it up so that the results last. I look back and wish I’d taken advantage of my pre baby body and loved it for all it was!

4) Appreciate that lie in

Oh, ten o’clock wake ups, how I miss you! Esmé slept amazing from the start really but now she wakes up at half seven most days which isn’t super early but… 😴 Gone are the days where I could lie in bed all morning with breakfast and a book. I wish I’d not taken for granted those lazy, sleepy mornings but taken full advantage and appreciated every single one. Believe me, if you appreciate it you’ll know you’ve had your fair share.

And finally, possibly the most important one.

5) There’s no such thing as the perfect mom

I still try and remind myself of this every day. Before I had a baby I actually sat down and wrote a list of all the ways I wanted to be the perfect mom 😳 I look back at that list and laugh at my pre baby life expectations! I had no idea what life would be like and how imperfectly perfect it would be. We all have flaws, nobody is perfect so it’s only natural that would be the same in parenting. Some days I have some real mom boss days and I think I’m winning at this mama life and then other days I want to stay in my pjs all day and try not to think of the ten thousand house jobs I need to get done. It’s normal. You’re normal. Remember that, if nothing else, remember parenting is hard and every parent has a different method. Don’t judge and ignore the judgers ♡

Anything in particular you wish you’d known before you had a baby? Comment below. I’d love to read about them!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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