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Hiiii guys πŸ™‹

Happy weekend (again), the weeks are going by faster and faster I’m sure!

I’m definitely not a pro in the working mom area but I’ve come to a learn a few pointers that have made it a little easier for me along the way.

If you haven’t been following my journey, I am a nurse and returned to work a few weeks ago, I have a little business on the side too so my spare hours are super limited especially with a little ten month old keeping me on my toes.

The first and most important thing to remember when you’re a working mom is to value the time. So, as all parents will know time goes so so fast with babies and they grow all too quickly. Make sure you enjoy the time you have with them when you have it, give them an extra snuggle or two, let them chew your ear off, let them get all their toys out because they insist they are playing with every single one. You’ll learn to treasure these memories as time goes on and they’re too ‘old’ for a snuggle with good old mom or dad.

Second of all, don’t be so hard on yourself. Being a parent is hard all on itself never mind having the stresses of work on top of that. If you’re doing the best you can at this whole parenting malarkey then you are doing an amazing job! And don’t worry, we all have our days when we dream of the times we could pee in peace and could leave the house without having to take all of your belongings with you.

Thirdly, make time for yourself (ha ha). I know that’s difficult especially with the more children you have. Even if it’s just a soak in the bath without being disturbed or watching your favourite program with no interruptions. Everyone needs some ‘me’ time so don’t you deprive yourself of that.

Finally, remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. I have some AMAZING friends who constantly remind me of how much my hard work will pay off in the future. I’m providing everything I can do for my little girl and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m teaching her more things than I realise by working. So, have that support system but also make sure you’re supporting yourself!

A HUGE shoutout to all you working mamas and dadas! It isn’t easy, in fact it’s probably one of the hardest journeys I’ve ever been on but boy, it’s so worth it. Keep doing what you’re doing, you rock! Here’s to kicking ass ✌️

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