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fstockphotosb-11Hiiii guys 🙋

Hope you are all having the most amazing weekend and partying hard ☆

I thought deciding on a name for my blog would be the easiest task of them all but actually, it was a whole lot harder than what I originally thought. I picked a few different ones before I finally chose ohthatstacey, a few which I’m a little too embarrassed to even talk about and a few that even my husband cringed at… ha ha.

My original was ‘My Unicorn Life’ because I love unicorns and I’d like to imagine my life is as sparkly and rainbowy as a unicorns is.. HA!

Probably a safe bet going with oh that Stacey, right? (If anyone has the blog name my unicorn life right now… YOU ROCK!!)

Anyway, the real reason I chose oh that Stacey is because that is my life! I’m clumsy (a lot), I say random things (a lot), I get my words muddled up and even forget what words to use when I’m talking 😳 aaaand I like to do crazy things like dance in my underwear every morning to My favourite music. That’s something everyone does though isn’t it? Don’t deny it! And if you really don’t do it, give it a try. It’s a GREAT start to the day, I promise.


I can imagine people telling stories of me and the words ‘oh that stacey’ coming out of their mouth (I know for sure my husband says it in his head a LOT). So, what better name for my blog? The real me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally stupid, I can hold a intellectual conversation (I hope) and I can be serious when needs be but… I’m by no means perfect and neither is my life and I’m REALLY enjoying sharing this rollercoaster of my life with you. I hope you’re enjoying it too ♡



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