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Hi guys! Happy weekend and Happy New Years Eve!!

I really can not believe that today is the last day of 2016!!! Blows my mind how fast this year has gone and it feels like the years just keep flying by faster.

It’s standard procedure to set yourself new goals to accomplish in the new year and I’ve set myself a few that I’ll share with you. I’m pretty rubbish at keeping up with my New Years resolutions but I’m determined more than ever and I’ve set goals that I’m quite passionate about.

Goal number one is to go on long walks every day with Esmé. I L O V E the outdoors and exploring new places is one of my favourite things to do, I’ve passed that love onto Esmé so together, I think that’ll be an easy goal to achieve and it’ll help with my fitness regime (bonus)!

Goal number two is to start a bullet point journal, I’ve only recently heard about these and I don’t know if they’re a new thing or not but I absolutely love the idea of it! It helps with organisation and setting regular goals and achieving them. I’ll more than likely post more about this when I get into it but if you want to know more I recommend to use my trusty friend, Pinterest!

My final goal is to count my blessings every day. It sounds so mushy but I feel like I don’t appreciate enough all the amazing blessings I have in my day to day life. I fear I’m missing the smaller blessings focusing on waiting for the bigger ones to come.

So that’s it, I’ve not set a whole lot and making it easy to fail. I’m going to make these three things the top of my daily priority list.

Have you set any New Years resolutions? I hope you all have the most amazing night seeing the New Year in and that the start of 2017 is the best start it can be for you!



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