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Hi guys 👋

The time for me to return to work is fast approaching and my heart is not coping well with it. It’s one week today and I’m trying not to count down the days! I’m only going to be working two days a week but the shifts will be twelve hours long and I’ve not been away from my little Esmé for that long before, it’s going to be a real tug on the heart strings that’s for sure.

We’ve done a few settling in sessions at the nursery she will be going to, the first few went terribly and I cried probably more than I should have but the last one went really well. She enjoyed herself and it made me feel a whole lot better about the situation.

How do working moms cope? I feel incredibly lucky that I only have to work two shifts a week in comparison to full time. But this whole leaving your baby and working malarkey sucks. People keep telling me I’ll love it once I get back into it and I’m really hoping that’s the case. I’m sure in a months time I’ll be writing that I’m loving work but for now, I’m savouring every second with this little of mine ♡

Hope you all have a faaaabulous day!



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