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Is it really December already? I mean, I’m ridiculously excited that Christmas is just around the corner but really? I’m sure it was only march just yesterday and I was well into the new born baby bubble. Now? Now I have a crawling (nearly walking) keeping me on my toes, nine month old. NINE MONTHS!?!?

It is true what they say. Time flies when you’re having fun. How clichè, I know but Esmé has just been the most perfect little bundle of joy that I’ve enjoyed every (almost) part of parenting so far.

Here I am rambling on about how much I love being a mom again blah blah blaaahh, old news! Anyway, the Christmas decs are up and considering there’s a curious crawler in the house, it hasn’t been disturbed once but there is time yet! I’ve always been a HUGE lover of Christmas and now I have a baby to bring the magic to as well, that love has just doubled by a million! It truly is the best time of year!

The matching family PJ’s are purchased, all the items on the Christmas shopping list are ticked off and now it’s just to wrap them all, which is also something I LOVE to do!! I’m one of those “IT’S SANTAAAAA” crazies aren’t I?! I’m not even going to apologise because I l o v e it!

December is thee month where family traditions come to light and now I have a little family of my own I want to start introducing some Christmas traditions of my own. Any thoughts?

And to any one out there who isn’t feeling too Christmassy right now, here’s some pictures for inspiration. Stick the Christmas songs on, pop on a Santa hat, get that Christmas tree up and you’ll be sure to be in the spirit in no time!


Happy holidays ☆



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