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I love getting crafty. Pinterest is my absolute best friend, I’ve had my fair share of pinterest fails but this was definitely a pinterest win. I seen a letter flower on pinterest and fell in love with it and thought I’d try making it myself. With no instructions it was actually a lot easier than what I thought. A lot have people have asked where I bought this little gem from so I thought it was about time to show you all how super EASY it was to make. Time consuming but suuuuper easy.

So to start I bought a large cardboard box, what size you buy really depends on how big or small you want your letter to be.

Then I penciled the letter E on to it, you can get some templates online if you might struggle with that bit, I say that because I’m surprised I even managed to get the E to a way I was happy with. So if that helps, use it! It’ll probably make the whole thing move along a bit faster. Obviously I then cut the E out 🙂

I bought a bunch of fake flowers from hobbycraft and I think they fit just perfectly. Definitely the exact look that I was aiming for.

I placed the flowers temporarily where I thought they might work, then one by one I poked a hole in the cardboard and pulled the wiring through like this..


Once I was happy with where the flowers were placed I snipped the excess wire leaving a small amount at the end as is shown in the picture above and bent it over so that it would stay and not fall through the hole. I’m sure there’s other ways to do this, maybe a glue gun? But I found this the easiest most least fiddly way that worked for me!


I then poked a hole through the cardboard at the top either side and tied some twine to it so that it could hang on the wall as such.. again there may be different ways to be able to get it to hang but I went with this as it was easiest for me.


And walaaaa.. this is it hanging proudly in Esmé’s nursery. I L O V E it but would also love to know what you think!? I have a few more craft ideas up my sleeve and cannot wait to show you all! Getting creative is one of my most favourite things to do!




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