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Before finding out I was pregnant with Esmé I was desperate for a baba! As soon as I got married I wanted to jump straight on to the baby bandwagon. Now I’m back at that broody stage. In fact, I started to get broody again when Esmé was about three months old, call me crazy but it’s a true story!

I put it down to the fact that Esmé is such a perfect baba I’d happily have ten of the same! I think that worries the husband a little bit too much (ha ha). How can I not enjoy having baby snuggles, sloppy kisses and gummy smiles all day long though!?

Don’t get me wrong, being a mama is hard. I have total respect for all the single mamas out there because sometimes the only sanity I have all day is when Chris gets home from work and looks after Esmé while I relax. There are bad days but the good days absolutely outweigh the bad!

I just feel like being a mama is my calling in life. I feel right at ‘home’ when I’m playing with Esmé, feeding her, reading her a story or even putting her to bed. Seeing her little smile first thing in the morning makes my heart explode in such a magical way. I couldn’t imagine a life without her now and I wouldn’t want to. It’s so cliché but she is my whole world, my life revolves around this little cutie patootie and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I feel like I’ve just rambled my way through this but I can’t express enough how much this whole being a mama malarkey makes me the happiest ever. I’m living the dream with my little girl and oh isn’t it just SO good ♡

In fact, after all this Esmé talk I’m actually missing her a lot so I’m going to go check on her peeping and give her a great big kiss and maybe hope she wakes up so I get another sneaky snuggle (shhhh don’t tell her dada)!!



All you mamas/dadas/grandpops or whoever has a baba go and give your babies a huuuuuge kiss because they don’t stay little for long and you just have to savour every little moment you get! Enjoy 🙂



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