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As many mamas or soon to be mamas may know.. pregnancy and labor changes your body completely.

Even before I fell pregnant I wasn’t happy with the way my body was and after having Esme, I finally decided to change that. I’ve not felt in control of my body/my weight/my health for too long.

I’ve changed my diet but not only that I’ve changed my lifestyle. A few months ago I started to dedicate my evenings to swimming, there isn’t a feeling quite like the one when you’re pushing through the water knowing that your body is getting stronger and stronger. But, as much as I loved it, it was super difficult to get into a routine when Esme is my priority. I needed to find something that I enjoyed and that wasn’t uber time consuming, something I could easily do with a babba.

So now, I do yoga at home. I try to do some in the morning and some at night but if not, at least once a day. I love it! It’s so relaxing but makes you feel stronger at the same time.

I also do squats with weights, arm weights, sit ups and press ups every morning and night, when I wake up and just before I go to sleep. The absolute best way to start and end my day.

A few weeks ago I couldn’t even do one press up and now I can do three at a time. To some that may be minute but to me that is a huuuuge improvement! I’m even starting to get arm muscles (ha ha) which is super exciting for me!!

I did try slimming world and lost half a stone but it just wasn’t for me. Now, I just try and watch what I eat, have treats when I want them (which is a lot) and then just work them off.


These two pictures are a year apart, the first where I am pregnant and the second on my fitness journey. I’m not doing it to be skinny (as much as I want that too). I’m doing it to be healthy and to finally feel happy with my body (and maybe get a six pack along the way too).

P.s any tips on how to get a six pack would be very much appreciated.



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