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Yes, I’m going there. I want to share with the world things that people said to me whilst I was pregnant that made me cringe at the time and still makes me wriggle in my seat now. If it stops one person from saying it to a pregnant woman then I’ll have achieved something!

So here goes…

1)”You’re definitely having a boy because you don’t look very pretty”.

Yes, boys and girls, that happened. Not exactly the best thing to say to a 12 weeks pregnant lady that had been awake since 5am and was feeling sick as a dog. Infact, not exactly the best thing to say to anyone. Top tip: Do not ever say that a girl is not very pretty (ever)! Believe me, you’ll get far.

2)”Ooooh it’s going to be a big one”.

Jeeze, thanks. That’s exactly what I want to be told with only five weeks left until I have to pop this baby out…. (maybe I was being uber sensitive here but still, at least pretend the baby is going to be average sized so that I don’t freak out about that too).

3)”Are you sure it’s not twins?”

I can assure you that this big bump is probably 3/4 food and 1/4 baby but thank you for pointing our that I’m a little overweight right now…

4)”Make the most of sleep now because you’re not going to get any soon”

Should I just sleep all day then? Try having a swollen tummy, heart burn and being kicked from the inside and getting a decent nights sleep… Plus, I actually got less sleep when pregnant because my little darling slept through from three weeks old. Yipee for sleep loving babies!!

5) “But you’re so young”

I was 22 when I fell pregnant, married, owned my own home and had a full time, stable career. I don’t necessarily think age comes into play here. It’s down to an individual/couple and if they are personally ready to bring a baby into the world be it at 17 or at 40 🙂

Now, I’m sure these people didn’t mean to hurt my feelings and maybe it was my hormones running wild but it’s taught me a lesson or two of things I’ll never say to any pregnant woman, ever.

There’s plenty of others that were thrown at me whilst I was pregnant but I’d have to write a book to share them all with you.

Do you have any funny or cringe worthy stories that you’ve heard whilst you, a partner or a friend was pregnant? Comment below, I’d love to hear them all!!




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